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We take great pride in the platform certifications and partnerships acquired by the Visiture team over the years.

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Our development staff works to constantly improve their skills and expertise to maintain our status as certified Shopify Plus Solutions and Magento partners. We know the ins and outs of the most complex eCommerce platforms used by some of the largest enterprise eCommerce brands.

Most importantly, we know how to bend and customize those platforms to meet your specific business goals. Whether it’s a complete overhaul, assistance with replatforming and integrations, or a brand-new website, Visiture can help.



When off-the-shelf eCommerce features won’t suffice, our development team can provide the expertise and creative vision necessary to provide whatever custom build you require. We’ve worked with clients who have integrated and manage their entire business via their eCommerce platform, brands who use their platform purely for taking online orders, and everything in between.

Whether it’s a complete eCommerce store from the ground up or custom-developed functions and extensions to an existing Magento or Shopify Plus store, our team designs, develops, and innovates without limitation.

When you have a far-reaching idea, our developers love saying “Yes, we can.” because there’s nothing like pushing the boundaries of eCommerce platforms.

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Managed Services

It takes a lot to keep an enterprise eCommerce store humming 24/7. We have dedicated teams on hand to provide cost-effective monitoring, rapid response, customer support and service handling, and eCommerce site support.

Whether it’s product management, updates, shipping, security checks, or PCI compliance, we handle the vital and tedious operations of your eCommerce store so you can focus on growing your business.

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See what SPANX's eCommerce Technical Director Eddie Spradley said about working with Visiture.

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SPANX, Inc. is a global women’s undergarment and activewear brand founded by Sara Blakely in 2000. Today the company, headquartered in Atlanta, can be found in over 50 countries and Blakely was named the world’s youngest, self-made billionaire by Forbes.

Just for Men is a hair coloring product intended for and marketed to men and manufactured by Combe Incorporated. The product is designed to color gray hair, with additional product lines for coloring gray hair in beards, sideburns and mustaches.

Over six years ago, Scuf Gaming created a new market for professional customized gaming controllers, enabling hardcore and elite gamers to build customized, handcrafted controllers for PCs and consoles.

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Let Visiture Develop and Manage Your eCommerce Store for a Stable, Functional Online Retail Suite.