Social Media Advertising for eCommerce.

With over 2.3 billion Facebook users, 4.2 billion Instagram likes per day, and more than 350,000 tweets sent per minute, social media is an avenue retailers need to pay attention to. With paid social media advertising, brands can reach potential customers where they already are. Through the use of custom audience segments and the latest ad formats, our social team can help you turn Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more into powerful revenue generators.

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Social Media Advertising for eCommerce.

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Engage Real Consumers to Get Real Measurable Results with Social Media Advertising.

The best way to get your brand, product, and message in front of your audience is to go where they go. Engage and capture the attention of your prospective customers where they naturally spend their time.

Coupled with organic engagement, media buying and paid advertising on social channels offer the greatest reach into new market segments. Our team of social advertising specialists leverage the advanced targeting capabilities of channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to connect you with the people most likely to convert.

Why Social Media Advertising Matters.

If you think social media is purely for social engagement, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your revenue. Customers may be on channels like Facebook to socialize, but the right message can still grab their attention and drive a sale.

Your audience expects to be exposed to products, especially when they follow brands on social. Visiture can create a winning social advertising strategy that gets them to respond and engage.

Facebook Influence

In 2015, Facebook influenced over 50% of consumer online and offline purchases.

Instagram Ad

Instagram ad engagement is 4% higher than Facebook and 120% higher than Twitter.

Products Most Engagement

Posts including products continually garner the most engagement among the top 200 global brands.

How We Build Social Advertising Campaigns.

Social requires clear strategies that go beyond just boosting your online presence and hoping for increased engagement. At Visiture, we tailor our social media advertising strategy to focus on your business goals, campaigns, KPIs, and connecting with the right audience.

Ad Copy and Creative

Ad Copy and Creative

Effective eCommerce ads on social media need a combination of attention-grabbing visuals to stop the thumb-scroller on a dime and engaging ad copy that converts.

We’ve recruited seriously talented copywriters with decades of combined experience who understand how to tell a story across multiple mediums and make your campaigns a success.

Ad Copy and Creative_Social Media
Optimal Targeting_SocialMedia
Optimal Targeting

Optimal Targeting

We exhaustively research your audience to understand the individual segments and how they align with your products, campaigns, and marketing goals.

With that data, we create targeted custom audiences along with ads that capture the highest relevance scores resulting in lower costs, more reach, higher engagement, and more revenue from segments most likely to convert. Whether it’s ads for your online store only or omnichannel advertising to bring local traffic, we know exactly how to reach your customers.

Bidding Strategies

Bidding Strategies

Whether we’re boosting posts or launching ads with multiple variations and custom audiences, our team strategically sets, monitors, and adjusts your social media ad budgets and campaign bids.

There’s only so much real estate in the feed of your audience, and Visiture knows how to win more time in front of the customers who matter most.

Bidding Strategies_Social Media
Campaign Management_SocialMedia
Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Campaigns are structured so our conversion specialists can group individual ads together, testing variations and running those ads within categorized sets beneath structured campaigns.

This campaign structure provides the most control over testing, ad bidding, and optimization.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing

We test all your ads against a variety of factors, eliminating underperforming ads until we lock onto the combination of audience segment, messaging, creative, timing, call to action, and relevance that delivers the highest engagement and conversions with the lowest spend.

B Testing_SocialMedia

Our Platform Specializations.

In our past 12 years working with eCommerce merchants, we’ve learned what it takes to grow leading brands’ online channels. And that starts with a sophisticated and agile platform to power it and a team who can manage that. Through the years, we’ve worked with countless platforms–from enterprise solutions to custom-cart instances–but time and time again, we find two reign supreme. That’s why we continue to immerse ourselves within the Magento and Shopify ecosystems. Our team specializes in these two platforms which allows our clients to see greater results from our services.


As a member of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program since 2016, Visiture has become intimately familiar with the raw potential, efficiency and flexibility inherent in the Shopify Plus platform. Powering 40% of Visiture’s clients, we have utilized the agile nature of Shopify Plus to create outstanding results for brands across different verticals.


Since 2013, Visiture has proudly been a Magento Solutions Partner, building and optimizing countless Magento stores for our clients. With over 16 Magento certifications on our award-winning team and 44% of our clients on the platform, we’re experts on building, optimizing and elevating custom Magento solutions, integrations and strategies.

Client Spotlight.

See how we helped LA Police Gear broaden their digital commerce presence and grow their revenue by 55%.

Case Studies.

See how we helped increase Bagsy's Increase in Purchases 168% through our SEO program.

See how we helped Gerber Childrenswear increase conversions 1,130% by combining SEO and PPC tactics.

Check out how our PPC team help increase RefrigiWear's AdWords revenue by 3,667%.

Targeted. Relevant. Engaging.

Discover How Visiture Can Leverage Your Social Audience to Drive Targeted Conversions.