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SEO Consulting for eCommerce Migrations

No company wants to undergo a website migration, but it happens. The object is to mitigate damage to organic search engine rankings, or increase rankings, by avoiding all the pitfalls and by deploying all the best practices currently known on the planet Earth.

SEO Consulting &
Migration Services

First, we sit down with you to discuss priorities. What do you need to maintain? Traffic? Rankings? Head traffic? Everything?  Thought so.

Visiture’s approach is to ensure there is nothing Google could favor on the old site compared to the new


eCommerce Migrations Checklist

We look for meta titles and descriptions that

are incorrect.

We look for meta titles and descriptions not

presented correctly.

We make sure meta information transferred

successfully from the old site to the new site.

We make sure there are no “no-indexes” on the

pages or robots.txt files.

We ensure Google is indexing the new site

and subsequent pages.

We use 301 redirects for all URLs that could

cause issues.

Technical eye audit – we will go through the

old site and new site and identify anything

that could be incorrect, paying close

attention to the source code.

We make sure the categories are similar in

structure (no keywords could hurt).

We make sure all pages have an H1 tag,

P tags properly implemented, and all

tags are correctly implemented.

We complete a page speed comparison and

make sure there is not a make sure there

is not a drop off. If there is, we will consult

you to correct the speed issues.

We complete a mobile usability comparison

to gauge how mobile friendly your new site is

in the eyes of Google.

We go through the backlinks and make a list

of old URLs that need to be updated. This

ensures that all pages on the current site

(that have any traffic) will be redirected to its

corresponding page on the new site. It also

ensures that there are no broken backlinks.

Our Process

Since every website migration process is different, we strictly adhere to our in-depth process to make sure we find every possible pitfall.


We prioritize discovery, taking extra time to learn about your products, categories, and past experiences.

Design & Architecture Phase Consulting

We make sure your new design will not impact organic search negatively.

Development Site Goes Live

This is where the fun begins. Visiture exhaustively analyzes the new site, uncovering any potential deficiencies.

Technical Audit and 301 Redirect

We use our proprietary eCommerce migration checklist, resulting in a no-stone-unturned SEO technical audit document including a 301 redirect map.

Ongoing Consulting to Fix Errors & Implement Changes

Once the site is live, we analyze the site to ensure everything was implemented correctly, remaining available for consultation, tracking all keyword rankings to ensure 100% success.

Our Technology Partners

Since every website migration process is different, we strictly adhere to our in-depth

process to make sure we find every possible pitfall.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

Over the years, saw their key positions in Google, such as for “knee braces” and other relevant keywords, begin to decline. Since “knee braces” receives over 74,000 searches a month, it is a very valuable and rewarding keyword to be in the top position for. Visiture was brought on and tasked with not only recovering these keywords in order to help the company turn around their positions in Google, but also to acquire new customers to grow the business.

Real People, Real Results

SEM Case Study: Arcadia Publishing

Visiture’s SEM team increased sales 102% YOY, increased conversions by 141% YOY, and increased return on advertising by 458%.

SEO Case Study: Brace Shop

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 323%, increased top 3 positions by 372%, and improved top 4-10 positions by 276%.

PPC Case Study: Achoo Allergy

Visiture’s PPC team increased sales (conversions) by 69% YOY, increased revenue by 67% YOY, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS) by 79% YOY.

SEO Case Study:

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 132%, top 3 positions by 323%, and top 4-10 positions in Google by 112%. See how we did it!

Heard enough talk?

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ready to take your business to the next level?

VISITURE is the SEM Partner you are looking for!

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

"Visiture has been an integral part of not only growing our business but helping to save our business during a time of crisis of switching over shopping cart platforms. They were able to help us stop the bleed and show us how we should properly look at data so that we can stay within our margins and spread our dollars out to other online advertising avenues that we hadn't tried before"