Retention Marketing.

It costs exponentially more to attract new customers than it does to retain the ones that a brand already has. Retention marketing is the art of keeping a company’s current customers engaged and loyal as a means of maximizing lifetime values and business revenue. Visiture takes a multi-pronged, cross channel approach to retention marketing that keeps customers engaged through their preferred touchpoints to multiply purchase frequency and volume.

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Visiture's Retention Marketing Formula.

Search Engine Optimization

1. Observe

Visiture takes the time to listen to what customers want and follows their journey from awareness to conversion. We harvest this information and securely store it to be analyzed by our company’s expert team of eCommerce marketers.


Content Marketing

2. Analyze

Next, Visiture breaks the data down and studies the various customer trends and behavioral patterns to segment shoppers into defined groups that can be targeted with refined, tailor-made messaging.

Digital PR

3. Execute

Finally, we utilize the observations, data and customer analysis to craft personalized engagements delivered through preferred contact channels, thereby setting retailers apart from the competition, inspiring sales and cultivating long-term customer loyalty.

Our Cross Channel Approach.

Using three different contact channels, Visiture helps to create a multi-stage, personalized customer journey that engages shoppers through real-time interactions, thereby creating a seamless customer experience through:

Email Marketing-01

Email Marketing.

Our email marketing program has been uniquely crafted to aid online retailers in elevating their return on email sends and fortify customer-to-company relationships, resulting in a greater degree of brand loyalty. Our seasoned eCommerce email marketing experts will continuously work shoulder-to-shoulder with your company, emphasizing strategic campaign setup and results-driven management processes.

Reaching carefully segmented audiences with welcome, shopping cart abandonment, re-engagement and other transactional email sequences, we can help your brand continually engage customers who are most likely to buy with messages that convert.



Using SMS, we help your company to create timely and relevant transactional SMS marketing messages that drive conversions and reach customers with time-sensitive offers that arouse a sense of urgency, loyalty reward triggers, claim processing alerts, account-based alerts and other communications designed to inspire action.

Alternatively, sellers can go beyond traditional SMS and send multimedia text messages that enable brands to engage customers with photos, gifs and a higher character that facilitates a more entertaining and interactive experience. With MMS targeting, retailers can send customers mobile coupons, UPC barcodes, product images and other elements that motive purchases.

Social Media Messenger-01

Social Media Messenger.

By connecting with customers through social media messaging apps, your business can deliver customizable popups shown to produce above-average conversion rates and build segmented customer lists by delivering engaging quizzes, newsletters and informational content.

Brands can also connect their Messenger campaigns to their social media advertising efforts to allow for easy data collection, analysis of the customer journey and determination of campaigns resonate most with customers.

Best of all, social media messaging campaigns tout far higher open and click-through rates than email communications. Just take a look at the stats below!


90% - Social Media Messenger average open rate (compared to a 16% email open)

eCommerce Site Support

21.06% Shopping cart abandonment conversion rate

PPC Audit

39.42% Price drop email click to open rate


48.23% Back-in-stock email alert open rate

Pay Per Click Management

$3.00 - Revenue per back-in-stock email alert


21.29% Replenishment email campaign conversion rate

Our Platform Specializations.

In our past 12 years working with eCommerce merchants, we’ve learned what it takes to grow leading brands’ online channels. And that starts with a sophisticated and agile platform to power it and a team who can manage that. Through the years, we’ve worked with countless platforms–from enterprise solutions to custom-cart instances–but time and time again, we find two reign supreme. That’s why we continue to immerse ourselves within the Magento and Shopify ecosystems. Our team specializes in these two platforms which allows our clients to see greater results from our services.


As a member of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program since 2016, Visiture has become intimately familiar with the raw potential, efficiency and flexibility inherent in the Shopify Plus platform. Powering 40% of Visiture’s clients, we have utilized the agile nature of Shopify Plus to create outstanding results for brands across different verticals.


Since 2013, Visiture has proudly been a Magento Solutions Partner, building and optimizing countless Magento stores for our clients. With over 16 Magento certifications on our award-winning team and 44% of our clients on the platform, we’re experts on building, optimizing and elevating custom Magento solutions, integrations and strategies.

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