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Bring Visitors Back to Your Funnel With Strategic Retargeting.

Targeting people who have already been exposed to your brand and your message is one of the most effective ways to win the sale while reducing advertising and acquisition costs.

While display advertising can be costly, when it’s coupled with retargeting you can see as much as a 400% increase in ad response compared to standard ads.

What We Do.

Our strategic approach to retargeting guarantees a lift in traffic focusing on the people who have already visited your eCommerce store or engaged with your brand on social media.

We attract these audiences back for a second chance to convert and it's why our retargeting clients consistently see higher click-through and conversion rates on retargeted ads compared to traditional campaigns. Here’s how we get it done:

Creative Production

Creative Production

Retargeting is so effective because we know what your customers are interested in.

With that knowledge, we can create highly relevant and engaging dynamic ads that serve your customers with products and promotions specific to the content they saw on your site.

Account Setup

Account Setup

We’re no strangers to retargeting on multiple search and social channels.

We can configure and optimize your product feed for dynamic display ads, create audiences, assist in pixel implementation, upload customer lists, architect campaign structure, and pretty much anything else you need to be set up for prime time on the retargeting front.

Integration with Marketing Efforts

Integration with Marketing Efforts

Digital advertising is most effective when your campaigns tie together and support one another. Our ad and retargeting experts will recommend offers and promotions coordinated with other marketing efforts to give your campaigns the most reach and impact.

Testing Optimization

Testing and Optimization

Retargeting is effective, but it can still be optimized. Our goal is to tie retargeting efforts to sales qualified leads and customers to maximize conversions. Like every other PPC campaign, we exhaustively test and optimize campaign elements to see the best return at the lowest cost.

Cross Channel Management

Cross-channel Retargeting

Retargeting is available on a number of networks. We believe in giving you the best reach for your budget, so our teams are ready to start managing your retargeting campaigns across multiple networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying.

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Case Studies.

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Capture. Engage. Convert.

Discover How Visiture Helps You Reduce Abandoned Carts with Retargeting.