PWA Pro: A New Era in eCommerce.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) position retailers at the forefront of a new era of eCommerce, providing the user experience of a mobile app with the reach of the traditional web. Visiture’s PWA Pro program gives retailers access to preeminent solutions for an optimized PWA that resonates and converts.

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PWA Pro: A New Standard in Development

Visiture is helping to define the PWA paradigm by cultivating best-in-class application strategies for our clients, thus enabling merchants to present consumers with unparalleled online shopping experiences.

Our unique approach to PWA development and design, paired with our award-winning team of eCommerce website developers, allows retailers to offer customers a fast, flexible, future-oriented encounter that engages and inspires.

Through the PWA Pro initiative, brands can integrate PWA technology with their Magento or BigCommerce store.



The Benefits of PWA Integration

Having launched several Progressive Web Apps for some of our industry-leading clients, Visiture is keenly aware of the many advantages offered by PWAs. Some of the enhancements merchants gain from such an implementation include:

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Shorter Development Cycle

As PWAs utilize web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and CSS, these progressive web apps can be built much faster than a traditional application.

Moreover, PWAs tend to demand fewer ongoing development requirements.

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Affordable Solutions

Progressive web apps are much more affordable to build than native applications. Moreover, retailers are not required to develop an Android and iOS version, thus making PWAs a far more economical eCommerce mobile solution.

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Increased Speed

PWAs are much faster than traditional mobile sites and can achieve sub one second load times.

As a result of device-level caching, which reduces the data required to respond to a request, PWAs can deliver lightning-fast experiences.

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Heightened Flexibility

Through utilizing headless architecture, a development structure which decouples the frontend and backend systems, retailers can make updates to their site without disrupting the user experience.

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Minimal Friction, Maximum Reach

With PWAs, there is no need to download a dedicated application. Instead, users can access the store through normal means of search and opt to add a shortcut icon to their smartphone’s home screen, if they so desire.

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Enhanced Engagement

Thanks to an app-like experience that offers users access to the app through the mobile home screen, push notifications and offline connectivity, merchants frequently experience a significant spike in user engagement.

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Rise in Conversions

As a result of the fast, engaging, smooth and accessible experiences produced by PWA implementation, merchants often experience a significant uptick in conversions and retail revenue.

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Elevated Security

Due to the implementation of a headless structure, PWAs are far less susceptible to a DDoS attack, thereby helping to ensure the safety of your company and customers.


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A Future-Forward Design

Since headless commerce is APO-based, the system is compatible with yet-to-be-seen devices. Therefore, retailers are ready to quickly create new frontend experiences as new technologies and platforms emerge.

Our Platform Specializations

In our past 12 years working with eCommerce merchants, we’ve learned what it takes to grow leading brands’ online channels. And that starts with a sophisticated and agile platform to power it and a team who can manage that. Through the years, we’ve worked with countless platforms–from enterprise solutions to custom-cart instances–but time and time again, we find two reign supreme. That’s why we continue to immerse ourselves within the Magento and Shopify ecosystems. Our team specializes in these two platforms, which allows our clients to see greater results from our services.


Since 2013, Visiture has proudly been a Magento Solutions Partner, building and optimizing countless Magento stores for our clients. With over 16 Magento certifications on our award-winning team and 44% of our clients on the platform, we’re experts on building, optimizing and elevating custom Magento solutions, integrations and strategies.

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As a premier, award-winning eCommerce development agency, Visiture has become intimately familiar with features, potentials and capabilities inherent in the BigCommerce platform. Utilizing BigCommerce’s offerings, our team has helped industry-leading brands implement revenue-boosting stores and solutions.


Minerva Beauty

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Minerva Beauty is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wholesale salon equipment in the beauty sector. The company was looking to not only replatform their Magento 1.0 site due to the impending end of life for the version, but also to overhaul their eCommerce offerings and create a better user experience for their customers - from a better site design and navigation to leveraging product data for better merchandising.

The company partnered with Visiture to help bring this vision to life. Our team recommended and helped Minerva migrate to Magento 2.0 on the backend to handle their product data and business operations, while also utilizing Visiture's PWA Pro for a sleek and updated frontend.

Highlights Include:

• 239% Increase in Revenue
• 44% Increase in Conversion Rate
• 216% Increase in Sessions
• 239% Increase in Transactions


See how Visiture helped Capillus grow their online presence, increase their organic revenue by 424% and increase their ROAS by 222%.


See how we helped GranQuartz create a custom Magento eCommerce site with sophisticated pricing rules managed by Epicor.


Check out how Visiture helped Refrigiwear go direct-to-consumer with the help of innovative media campaigns, and increased their revenue by over 3,000%.


I aggregated multiple proposals from multiple agencies during this entire process, and no one put together the thorough deep dive that Visiture did, spent the time to talk through things, and truly seemed to really care about our mission they way Visiture did. Visiture blew the entire process out of the water, and I hope this is shared with whomever it needs to be so the entire team gets the credit they deserve.


Sarah Petrie

Content Marketing Manager


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