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In the competitive world of eCommerce, email marketing automation is a necessity. Listrak is more than an email marketing platform. This tool provides retailers with the depth of data required to unlock intelligent, profitable marketing campaigns that span the eCommerce omnichannel ecosystem. Visiture helps retailers to maximize Listrak’s potential and generate marketing campaigns that engender business growth.


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Visiture + Listrak

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How Listrak and Visiture Give Merchants a Competitive Edge

As a committed Listrak Partner, Visiture combines its 12+ years of eCommerce marketing experience with Listrak’s robust, integrated omnichannel marketing platform to help retailers maximize their potential and profitability.

Using Listrak to power our clients’ custom emails, social media and retention marketing campaigns, our team has learned to magnify Listrak’s powerful features to achieve results that help our clients scale and score more market share.

As one of the most comprehensive marketing automation platforms available to digital retailers, Visiture wields Listrak to enhance eCommerce performance through:


First-in-Class Email Design

Employing Listrak’s feature-rich email design system, Visiture crafts personalized, branded emails that look beautiful across devices and arouse customers to action by developing communications that flow with a person’s natural email scanning patterns.

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Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Sales

Buying, browsing and engagement are all signals of where a customer is in their journey.

Using Listrak, Visiture pinpoints a customer’s sales cycle position and delivers the perfect messaging through the ideal portal to get shoppers to the next stage of their journey.

Additionally, through Listrak’s predictive analytics feature, we utilize AI and machine learning to help determine a shopper’s potential for future actions and engagements based on their past engagements and behaviors.


Customer Journey Personalization

In the omnichannel ecosystem, a customer’s individuality is more important than ever. 

For that reason, Visiture uses Listrak’s workflow builder to help brands craft custom, seamless shopping experiences that span the entirety of the customer journey.

Creating hyper-personalized journeys through data-driven insights, behavioral triggers and other unique customer characteristics allows Visiture to maximize customer lifetime values and thus eCommerce profits.


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Cross-Channel Marketing Efforts

In today’s eCommerce marketing ecosystem, email isn’t enough on its own.

Using Listrak, Visiture aids sellers in reaching their customers with the right messages at the right time and through the right channel. Bringing together email, SMS/MMS and social media messaging, Visiture ensures that shoppers are engaged through their preferred channels, thereby increasing profitability.

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A Comprehensive 360-Degree Customer Analysis

By combining and analyzing a multitude of behavioral, historical, transactional and predictive data points about your company’s customers, Visiture eliminates a merchant’s data silos, providing sellers with a complete view of their shoppers so that they can better serve, segment and monetize their existing customer base.

From purchases to device preferences, data from wearables and even offline information, using Listrak, Visiture gives sellers the most holistic perspective on customers possible.

Clients That Have Benefitted.

Take a look at some of Visiture’s many clients who have benefited from using Visiture's email marketing services and Listrak's marketing automation platform:

Jackson Perkins



Learn how Visiture partnered with SPANX to redesign their eCommerce site and increased their AOV by 40%.


See how we worked with Gerber Childrenswear on their D2C efforts and increased their search engine revenue by 377%.


See how Visiture helped increase Tiege Hanley's organic revenue by over 200% through our SEO program.


I aggregated multiple proposals from multiple agencies during this entire process, and no one put together the thorough deep dive that Visiture did, spent the time to talk through things, and truly seemed to really care about our mission they way Visiture did. Visiture blew the entire process out of the water, and I hope this is shared with whomever it needs to be so the entire team gets the credit they deserve.


Sarah Petrie

Content Marketing Manager


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