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Email produces the highest ROI of all marketing activities for eCommerce brands, on average. Therefore, boasting a robust email marketing automation platform is vital to retail profitability. Klaviyo gives merchants the means of leveraging in-depth, data-driven insights to generate personalized emails that boost engagement, loyalty and sales.

Take a look at how–together–Klaviyo and Visiture can increase your business revenue.

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Visiture’s Expert Email Marketers + Klaviyo’s Powerful Email Platform

Visiture wields over 12 years of eCommerce marketing expertise, serving enterprise-level retailers in a variety of verticals.

As a dedicated Klaviyo Technology Partner, our team of seasoned email marketing experts has mastered the ins and outs of this feature-rich platform, helping our clients to achieve the highest ROI possible from their email marketing efforts.

Check out how Visiture can imbue your business with new capabilities, insights and revenue using Klaviyo.


Flawless Email Design

Using Klaviyo’s email generation features, Visiture crafts responsive, visually-stunning, easily-digestible, branded emails that capture a customer’s attention and quickly communicate your company’s message to maximize conversions.

Enterprise Tools

Email Sequence Automation

Welcome emails. Abandoned cart messages. Price drop notifications.

Utilizing Klaviyo’s system, Visiture establishes clean, proficient, profitable workflows and email sequences to ensure that customers receive sales and loyalty-boostings messages at the exact moment they are most likely to act, no matter where the customer lives, the day of the week or the time of day.


Granular Segmentation Potential

Personalization is key to creating emails that convert.

Visiture uses Klaviyo to segment a retailer’s email list a multitude of ways–by purchases, items viewed, email engagement, customer lifetime value and so much more.

By segmenting audiences in a granular fashion, Visiture can help your business produce the most personal, actionable and profitable email campaigns possible.



Email Integrations = Enhanced Email ROI

Through Klaviyo, we help to pull in all of your most important data with Klaviyo’s near limitless integration potential. 

By integrating Klaviyo with Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Yotpo, Facebook and other popular platforms and eCommerce tools, Visiture is able to gain a more comprehensive view of your customers to craft messages that resonate and inspire action.

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A/B Testing

We go beyond design principles and put our email theories to the test.

Using Klaviyo’s A/B testing tools, we rigorously test email subject lines, graphics, messages and more to establish which elements make the biggest splash with your customers and effectively optimize campaign achievements.

Enterprise Tools

Robust Reporting and Analytics

With Visiture, your company will always know how its email campaigns are performing.

However, with Klaviyo, we go beyond mere opens, clicks and bounces, highlighting essential email insights that provide intimate knowledge on how well a company is resonating with consumers.

With everything from revenue to most valuable customers, recipients most likely to engage with emails to top buyers for certain products and tons of other granular observations, Visiture helps retailers hone their email marketing strategies for peak profitability.




Learn how Visiture partnered with SPANX to redesign their eCommerce site and increased their AOV by 40%.


See how we worked with Gerber Childrenswear on their D2C efforts and increased their search engine revenue by 377%.


See how Visiture helped increase Tiege Hanley's organic revenue by over 200% through our SEO program.


I aggregated multiple proposals from multiple agencies during this entire process, and no one put together the thorough deep dive that Visiture did, spent the time to talk through things, and truly seemed to really care about our mission they way Visiture did. Visiture blew the entire process out of the water, and I hope this is shared with whomever it needs to be so the entire team gets the credit they deserve.


Sarah Petrie

Content Marketing Manager


Design. Integrate. Compete.

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