Google Shopping Management.

Google Shopping is one of the most effective types of advertising for eCommerce brands. These campaigns give you the opportunity to reach the shoppers that matter the most–shoppers already searching for products you sell. Our team of certified Google experts uses a combination of strategic, automatic and human touch to help you turn browsers into buyers.

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Google Shopping Management.

We like to think of ourselves as product feed artists and funnel scientists. Merging the two brings the best of creative theory with scientific optimization to create improved PLA performance and growing profitability.

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Google Shopping Mgmt

Advanced Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Management That Drives Results.

We like to think of ourselves as product feed artists and funnel scientists. Merging the two brings the best of creative theory with scientific optimization to create improved PLA performance and growing profitability.

Our full-service Google Shopping Management covers every aspect of your product advertising needs in search, from bid and performance optimization to improved targeting and comprehensive management of your feed down to the individual SKU.

A Better Way to Manage Google Shopping Ads.

We analyze your product data and use human ingenuity as well as the best in class automation software to maximize control of your product listings. Here’s how we do Google Shopping Management.

Data Feed Optimization

Data Feed Optimization

Data feed optimization is a game-changer, increasing visibility in the Google Shopping landscape and boosting return on advertising spend.

Our optimization efforts, from product titles to categorization, aim to increase relevance and quality scores while connecting to your audience to maximize conversions.

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Optimization of Bid Strategies_Google Shopping
Optimization Bid Strategies

Optimization of Bid Strategies

Programmatic bidding and smart budget pacing help to reduce costs, while our team manually adjusts bids to allocate budget to the most profitable campaigns and product segments.

Your enterprise eCommerce catalog needs more than bid adjustments, though. We segment your PLAs for the most effective budget strategies based on a number of factors including geo-targeting, day-parting, user devices, audience segments, keyword grouping, bucketing based on ROAS, products, consumer intent, and more. Spend money on top-converting PLAs and reduce your wasted spend on non-converters.

Multichannel Feed Management Software

Multichannel Feed Management Software

PLAs aren’t limited to Google. The most successful eCommerce brands expand their reach to multiple channels, which is why our feed management software provides a seamless experience connecting your product data to Google, Bing Shopping, Facebook, and a number of other platforms.

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Advanced Audience Targeting_GoogleShopping
Advanced Audience Targeting

Advanced Audience Targeting

There are countless opportunities for conversion among customers who already know of you and engage your brand. Our team knows how to implement product-level targeting with dynamic remarketing ads that capture customers more likely to convert.

Using your customer data, we can create hyper-targeted audience segments usable across any channel, from Google Shopping ads to social media advertisements.

Real-time Data Tracking and Transparent Reporting

Real-time Data Tracking and Transparent Reporting

With Visiture managing your product feed, you’ll get automatic data extraction and manipulation, so you always know which PLAs are your top performers.

Our tracking and reporting includes conversion tracking and attribution modeling along with regular, transparent reporting. If there’s ever a question about the data, you have a dedicated account manager at the ready.

Data Tracking and Transparent Reporting_GoogleShopping

Our Platform Specializations.

In our past 12 years working with eCommerce merchants, we’ve learned what it takes to grow leading brands’ online channels. And that starts with a sophisticated and agile platform to power it and a team who can manage that. Through the years, we’ve worked with countless platforms–from enterprise solutions to custom-cart instances–but time and time again, we find two reign supreme. That’s why we continue to immerse ourselves within the Magento and Shopify ecosystems. Our team specializes in these two platforms which allows our clients to see greater results from our services.


As a member of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program since 2016, Visiture has become intimately familiar with the raw potential, efficiency and flexibility inherent in the Shopify Plus platform. Powering 40% of Visiture’s clients, we have utilized the agile nature of Shopify Plus to create outstanding results for brands across different verticals.


Since 2013, Visiture has proudly been a Magento Solutions Partner, building and optimizing countless Magento stores for our clients. With over 16 Magento certifications on our award-winning team and 44% of our clients on the platform, we’re experts on building, optimizing and elevating custom Magento solutions, integrations and strategies.

Client Spotlight.

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Case Studies.

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