Epicor + Magento Makes B2B eCommerce Easier.

In the omnichannel eCommerce ecosystem, managing customers, orders, logistics, inventory and other aspects of digital  retail are vital to success. By integrating Epicor with your Magento store, merchants have a streamlined resource planning solution that handles all this and more right at their fingertips. Take a look at how Epicor and Magento can elevate your eCommerce experience.

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Our Epicor Expertise

With over 12 years’ experience in both B2B and B2C eCommerce, our team has consistently found unique and innovative solutions driving eCommerce growth.

Since 2013, Visiture has served as premier Magento Solutions Partner for some of the biggest names in eCommerce. Continually seeking new ways to create contemporary, compelling, cost-effective, streamlined experience, our team has completed numerous Epicor + Magento integrations over the past 9 years. 

While our clients already know, check out what this powerful combination can do for your brand:

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Enhanced Data Visibility and Accuracy

With Epicor and Magento, retailers can do away with manual data entry (thereby minimizing costly errors) and gain clear insights into all levels of an organization’s operations.

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Expedited Ordering, Processing, and Shipping

Epicor’s flexible end-to-end supply chain management systems gives merchants access to an extensive suite of eCommerce administration capabilities pertaining to scheduling, planning, executing, monitoring and more.

Epicor applies enterprise-level performance, scalability, and flexibility to the entirety of your business.

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Streamlined Financial Management

Epicor gives Magento retailers access to a comprehensive library of financial reports and statements, journal listings, general ledgers, and trial balance reports, allowing them to closely monitor the brand’s finances.

Additionally, Epicor’s system is capable of handling multiple companies, departments, and divisions, thereby helping sellers to get as general or granular as they wish.


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Elevated Customer Service

By tracking, storing, and managing customer information in a single, easy-to-understand interface, retailers are better equipped to handle customer questions, concerns, and issues, thus elevating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Improved Purchase Experiences

Scaling a business and maintaining quality standards is a delicate balance.

Integrating Epicor with Magneto allows sellers to ensure that they deliver the right product to the right customer at the right time. Moreover, the Epicor system enables retail brands to quickly adjust to meet consumer demands by adding new products to a catalog, changing schedules for existing orders, or altering orders themselves.

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Reduced Operational Cost

By streamlining and enhancing the areas mentioned above (as well as others), Epicor enables retailers to minimize operational costs associated with customer orders, shipping, inventory, support and other critical aspects of eCommerce business management.

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Clients That Have Benefitted.

Take a look at some of Visiture’s many clients who have benefited from Epicor and Magento integration





With nearly 40 years of industry experience, GranQuartz is the largest distributor of stone fabrication tools, equipment and supplies in the United States. To maintain and elevate their position as the market leader for stone fabrication products, GranQuartz partnered with Visiture to help develop a cutting-edge B2B eCommerce website that would deliver an unparalleled user experience.


In order to do so, the company needed the ability to provide their customers with contract pricing through its website. This was accomplished by architecting all pricing rules within the Epicor pricing engine.

See how Visiture helped Capillus grow their online presence, increase their organic revenue by 424% and increase their ROAS by 222%.


See how we helped GranQuartz create a custom Magento eCommerce site with sophisticated pricing rules managed by Epicor.


Check out how Visiture helped Refrigiwear go direct-to-consumer with the help of innovative media campaigns, and increased their revenue by over 3,000%.


I aggregated multiple proposals from multiple agencies during this entire process, and no one put together the thorough deep dive that Visiture did, spent the time to talk through things, and truly seemed to really care about our mission they way Visiture did. Visiture blew the entire process out of the water, and I hope this is shared with whomever it needs to be so the entire team gets the credit they deserve.


Sarah Petrie

Content Marketing Manager


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