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Despite its age, email still generates the highest ROI of all marketing methodologies. Through data-driven insights, contemporary best practices and information-based optimization tactics, we master your brand’s customer journey, products and target audience to customize strategically structured email marketing campaigns that inspire increased engagements, brand loyalty and revenue.

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Grow Faster with Email Marketing.

Email marketing still generates one of the highest ROIs of all marketing methodologies - and should be one of your highest performing digital channels, with a goal of over 20% of eCommerce revenue coming from the email channel. Brands use the channel as a way to drive revenue, retain customers, and gain brand trust.

Pay Per Click Management

40:1  Average return on investment with email marketing

Conversion-Drive Designs

3.5%  Average conversion rate from email marketing campaigns

Clients ROAS Growth

82%  eCommerce brands using email marketing

Optimization Bid Strategies

154%  More likely to convert when using segmentation and automation

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Visiture's Approach to Email Marketing.

At Visiture, we take a three-pronged approach to developing email campaigns that resonate with readers and drive outcomes successfully.



We take the time to thoroughly analyze your business’s specific goals and target audience within the context of the current market and competitive landscape to determine the optimal approach for email campaigns that achieve a business’s aims and increases its market share.

Combining this information with unique customer data, our team goes to work creating segmented email communications that offer personalized conversations that engage subscribers and motivate them to take the next step.

Automation and Segmentation.

Using automated email marketing platforms, retailers can better engage consumers with less effort by reaching them at the right times with a “Welcome” series, abandoned cart emails and other communications that have a proven track record of producing results.

By closely monitoring customer data, our team uncovers precise on-site behaviors and segments shoppers into targeted groups to serve them the most resonant emails for driving increased sales.

Email automation and segmentation strategies help eCommerce organizations scale operations to new heights and attain greater levels of industry influence.


Data Analysis.

To optimize campaigns and produce superior results, we go beyond the surface data of clicks and open rates, taking a deep dive into the effectiveness of a campaign’s headlines, messaging, design, timing and other critical components to see which elements drive sales best.

By analyzing all email marketing ingredients, our team of specialized experts determines which aspects and campaigns generate the most revenue to better elevate efforts across the board, sending the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Visiture's Email Marketing Process.

With over ten years of experience in eCommerce Email Marketing, Visiture’s team offers Full-Service Management for email programs, touching all stages within the lifecycle of an email. Our team stays up to date on industry trends, new technologies and emerging channels; we have expert-level knowledge on multiple ESPs, third-party vendors,  and adjacent platforms.

Advanced Personalization

1. Plan and Strategize

We create a research-based email marketing blueprint to build out various campaigns and segmented audiences to ensure advantageous communications targeting.

Right Content

2. Create Content

We work with your internal team to formulate subject lines, pre-headers, headers, email copy and other essential messaging elements that are devised to land with each consumer based on the specific campaign type and audience segment.


3. Design

After the content is created, we design an aesthetically appealing email layout for various campaign types that arrests the recipient’s attention, pull their awareness toward the call-to-action and successfully inspire click-throughs.

Managed Services Blue

4. Develop

Once the email is designed, our team codes the email campaigns into your email platform of choice and prepare to launch the marketing push.

We then send out test emails to ensure proper formatting and functionality. Any necessary revisions will be made at this point, prior to initiating the live campaign.

Digital PR

5. Execute

Once we have tested the emails, we launch the campaign. During this time, A/B tests on headlines, copy and other vital email elements will be conducted to harvest data for campaign optimization.

Campaign Tracking Reporting

6. Analyze

After the campaign is sent out, our work is not over. We continue to make necessary revisions based on test outcomes, continue to monitor results and adjust strategies accordingly and report the campaign results to the client.

Our Platform Specializations.

In our past 12 years working with eCommerce merchants, we’ve learned what it takes to grow leading brands’ online channels. And that starts with a sophisticated and agile platform to power it and a team who can manage that. Through the years, we’ve worked with countless platforms–from enterprise solutions to custom-cart instances–but time and time again, we find two reign supreme. That’s why we continue to immerse ourselves within the Magento and Shopify ecosystems. Our team specializes in these two platforms which allows our clients to see greater results from our services.


As a member of the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program since 2016, Visiture has become intimately familiar with the raw potential, efficiency and flexibility inherent in the Shopify Plus platform. Powering 40% of Visiture’s clients, we have utilized the agile nature of Shopify Plus to create outstanding results for brands across different verticals.


Since 2013, Visiture has proudly been a Magento Solutions Partner, building and optimizing countless Magento stores for our clients. With over 16 Magento certifications on our award-winning team and 44% of our clients on the platform, we’re experts on building, optimizing and elevating custom Magento solutions, integrations and strategies.

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