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Pay Per Click Marketing

If you’re going to pay for a customer to walk into your store, then you want to make that visit count. Profitability is not just about identifying the right customers, it’s about targeting that customer at strategic points in the customer decision journey. Timing, knowledge, and environment are all predictive of purchase behavior.

PPC Management for
eCommerce Retailers.

Visiture puts strategies, technology, and systems in place that allow for the greatest precision in targeting. Then we track results and loop conversion data back into the system, an iterative process with rewards for the best results.

We take your qualified keyword searches from:

How We Do It

If your current pay-per-click campaigns don’t use one or more of these elements… well let’s just say you have abundant growth opportunities.

Text Ads

Recent data suggests that text ads are still a great source of high converting traffic. We target the right keywords at the right time, leading to the highest possible ROAS.

Display Ads

Display ads reach customers outside of a search behavior or query, such as on an industry website or a blog, where customers are conducting preliminary research on their purchase.


Some customers land on your website before they are ready to make a purchase, navigating away from your site, empty-handed. Dynamic retargeting deploys ads specifically to those customers later, with the product they viewed, when there is a better chance they will buy.


We utilize YouTube and other channels to promote video content that will create positive brand impressions and lead customers back to your site.

Inventory Driven Search

Our data scientists take your product feed and create individual ads for each product. This precision approach makes your ads more relevant to searchers and boosts conversion.

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media can be a great way to acquire new leads while nurturing and your current customers. We focus on the right platforms, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, at the right time – all while focusing on your return on investment.

Advanced PPC Strategies

What we mean by precision, timing and iterative process.



Tiered Keyword Strategy

All keywords are not created equally. Our tiered keyword strategy means budget is allocated to the most profitable keywords. That often means long-tail keywords are managed differently than head terms. Our account managers have become masters of blending the high sales volume of head terms with the high Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of longtail keywords.



Match Type Allocation

Type-A organization helps but is not enough in today’s highly competitive search advertising landscape. It is essential that the four match types of keywords are set up and managed properly. Our Alpha/Beta strategy of match type allocation means that we manage Exact, Phrase, and Modified Broad match keywords separately from Broad match keywords. This allows for “apples to apples” ad testing and clearer foresight into bid management cause and effect.



Ad Testing

We always keep multiple versions of ads running as we cultivate the top performers. This results in higher click-thru-rate (CTR), conversion rate and ROAS. We also deploy best practices and some proprietary methods to make this process even more efficient.



Negative Keyword Funneling

Negative keyword implementation is often understated but highly impactful within PPC campaigns. Negative keywords function as a blocker to irrelevant search traffic and unnecessary click costs. Our account managers maintain a committed schedule of identification and implementation of negative keywords. This weeds out wasted spend and increases client profits.



Account Structure

We keep PPC campaigns tightly organized by Ad Groups and keywords. Our rigorous approach maximizes quality scores and user experience, resulting in lower cost-per-click and higher conversion rates.

Our Differences:

Senior Leadership

Experienced PPC professionals optimize your PPC accounts to new heights.

Human Connection

We think our way through your challenges, getting our hands dirty and doing the manual work to get an account to perform.


Our technology and partner network enable us to outperform the competition and give you an advantage.


Our PPC program is totally transparent. We do not sugar-coat reports; we give you real data and sound advice.

Long Term Partnerships

We do not jump in and “figure it out.” We spend much more time in discovery & understanding your products/brands, which makes us more successful in the long run

Data Scientists

We use groundbreaking data science to increase performance.

The Results Speak for Themselves:

Visiture has been in business FOR

10 yrs

Average employee experience in Search Marketing is

7.2 yrs

Our average employee has been with us for

3.9 yrs



See our PPC case studies

Jason McClain

Director of Marketing

Refrigiwear is a leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear and accessories, for subzero temperatures and everyday use, which is located in Dahlonega, Georgia. For over fifty years, the company has supplied a wide range of industries with insulated garments needed to keep workers warm, safe, and productive.

Real People, Real Results

SEM Case Study: Arcadia Publishing

Visiture’s SEM team increased sales 102% YOY, increased conversions by 141% YOY, and increased return on advertising by 458%.

SEO Case Study: Brace Shop

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 323%, increased top 3 positions by 372%, and improved top 4-10 positions by 276%.

PPC Case Study: Achoo Allergy

Visiture’s PPC team increased sales (conversions) by 69% YOY, increased revenue by 67% YOY, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS) by 79% YOY.

SEO Case Study:

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 132%, top 3 positions by 323%, and top 4-10 positions in Google by 112%. See how we did it!

Heard enough talk?

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ready to take your business to the next level?

VISITURE is the SEM Partner you are looking for!

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

"Visiture has been an integral part of not only growing our business but helping to save our business during a time of crisis of switching over shopping cart platforms. They were able to help us stop the bleed and show us how we should properly look at data so that we can stay within our margins and spread our dollars out to other online advertising avenues that we hadn't tried before"