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With organic listings taking 79% of clicks as opposed to ads, the companies that win with organic search are winning the search marketing war. Victory is achieved by knowing what customers want to know, creating compelling content that will give them what they are looking for, and sending the content where it will satisfy the most potential customers as possible. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s close.

How We Do It

Visiture helps you evaluate the information scape, identifying opportunities to create unique content or improve upon weak content. We work from our knowledge of your brand and your customers, anticipating their questions and satisfying their desire for information. Exploiting these opportunities captures relevant, organic search engine traffic. We make sure that when a potential customer of yours has a question, your content is there to capture their attention, deliver a stellar brand impression, and lead them to your products.

Identify content gaps

Your customers want to make informed purchase decisions, and they are actively scouring the web for answers. We make sure we know what your customers are searching for, so we can position your content to satisfy their questions better than your competitors.

Identify outdated content

If a popular piece is four years old, and new information would make it better, then wouldn’t it make sense to create an updated copy and promote it? We think so, and we use this method regularly to pick low-hanging fruit for our clients.

Identify popular content

We take the guesswork out of content creation by monitoring existing traffic — what information your customers are searching for and consuming already. This puts us in the position to direct that traffic.

Promote the Content

Once you have great content, we make sure everyone knows about It. We use a variety of channels to promote your content across the web, including:


Email marketing

Newsletters and cold outreach to content editors who have written similar content.


Social media marketing

Promoting your content out to your social media followers to gain traffic and awareness



Social media advertising tools, display network, retargeting audiences, and more


Display Tools

Partner sites allow us to advertise content inexpensively for profitable CPC traffic


Organic Search Traffic

Increasing organic traffic over time, due to our optimization and promotion campaigns



Stunningly simple visual content for acquisition of referral traffic.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

Over the years, saw their key positions in Google, such as for “knee braces” and other relevant keywords, begin to decline. Since “knee braces” receives over 74,000 searches a month, it is a very valuable and rewarding keyword to be in the top position for. Visiture was brought on and tasked with not only recovering these keywords in order to help the company turn around their positions in Google, but also to acquire new customers to grow the business.

Real People, Real Results

SEM Case Study: Arcadia Publishing

Visiture’s SEM team increased sales 102% YOY, increased conversions by 141% YOY, and increased return on advertising by 458%.

SEO Case Study: Brace Shop

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 323%, increased top 3 positions by 372%, and improved top 4-10 positions by 276%.

PPC Case Study: Achoo Allergy

Visiture’s PPC team increased sales (conversions) by 69% YOY, increased revenue by 67% YOY, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS) by 79% YOY.

SEO Case Study:

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 132%, top 3 positions by 323%, and top 4-10 positions in Google by 112%. See how we did it!

Heard enough talk?

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ready to take your business to the next level?

VISITURE is the SEM Partner you are looking for!

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

"Visiture has been an integral part of not only growing our business but helping to save our business during a time of crisis of switching over shopping cart platforms. They were able to help us stop the bleed and show us how we should properly look at data so that we can stay within our margins and spread our dollars out to other online advertising avenues that we hadn't tried before"