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Today, More Product Searches Start on Amazon than Google

Advertising on Amazon is a vital component of any successful Amazon strategy. However, with more than two million different sellers competing on the platform, basic PPC tactics don’t cut it anymore.

Managing these campaigns can be extremely complicated—you need advanced knowledge and technology to compete in today’s competitive environment. Luckily, we have that to help you maximize your Amazon campaigns.

Data Driven Decisions

Visiture takes a calculated data-driven approach to managing our client’s Amazon Advertising. We aren’t guessing when working in your account—we are data scientists.

We take best practices and strategies based on results to put them to work to maximize your ROAS.

How We Do It

Comprehensive Onboarding Phase

Our goal is to become an extension of your company. In order to truly act as this, we have to learn as much as we possibly can about your business, your product offerings, your previous advertising experience, your culture, your competition, and more.

In addition, we work with your team to discuss your priorities—your goals, your roles, your objectives. Each step of this phase helps to ensure that your business goals are translated into an effective strategy with measurable results.

Auditing and Building Campaigns

If you have existing Amazon campaigns, we will work to audit them to see where you stand in order to effectively optimize them moving forward. We will also work with your team to establish any KPIs so that we can effectively measure our performance.

If you are just starting out with Amazon advertising, we can design your campaigns for you. We do exhaustive research on both keywords and products to make sure we are designing and building the most effective campaigns for both your targets and budget.

Campaign Management

The science doesn’t stop once your campaigns are built. There is no such thing as “done.” There are always more changes and practices that can be put into play.

We make sure that we keep up with all of the changes that Amazon makes, so you always get the best ROI. Through our constant work and our advanced software, you will see sizable changes in your ad performance.

Review and Reporting

Visiture will work with you to determine how and when reports are given. Communication is key in this process. Both sides must understand what is going on and what can be improved upon.

See our PPC case studies

Jack Joseph

Director Of Direct to Consumer Sales

Arcadia Publishing and The History Press are the largest and most comprehensive publishers of local and regional books in the United States, with a library of more than 14,000 titles. While their catalog continued to expand, the company had not dived into search marketing properly.

Visiture was brought on to help increase the company’s search traffic in order to create a new customer acquisition channel for the company.

Heard enough talk?

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

"Visiture has been an integral part of not only growing our business but helping to save our business during a time of crisis of switching over shopping cart platforms. They were able to help us stop the bleed and show us how we should properly look at data so that we can stay within our margins and spread our dollars out to other online advertising avenues that we hadn't tried before"