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Case Study: Spanx
Redesign & Migration to M2

The Project

SPANX, Inc. is a global women’s undergarment and activewear brand founded by Sara Blakely in 2000. Today the company, headquartered in Atlanta, can be found in over 50 countries and Blakely was named the world’s youngest, self-made billionaire by Forbes.

Since its inception, SPANX mainly focused on selling in brick and mortar retail stores and had not fully implemented a direct-to-consumer online model that truly met their customers’ needs. SPANX recognized that it was necessary to update their online platforms in order to improve their customer experience and stay competitive.

After attending Magento Imagine and carefully evaluating vendors, the company chose Visiture to help them launch an innovative new website utilizing cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

Together, SPANX and Visiture identified two main goals. The first was to enhance the user experience on the front-end with the addition of mobile shopping and a more efficient, user-friendly checkout process. The second goal focused on streamlining back-end operations to allow for continuous, scalable improvement.

To achieve these goals, Visiture’s team of CRO/UX experts and developers designed and built a new website using the Magento 2.0 platform. The modern architecture and flexibility of this new platform allowed for the integration of third party tools such as Listrak for email marketing and Avalara for international tax management. That flexibility also afforded more control over reshaping the user’s shopping and checkout process.

SPANX, a visual brand by nature, also wanted to update their online assets. Visiture worked with the company to implement customizable swatches, flexible layered navigation, product badges, and other key features which allowed the brand to quickly merchandise, while instantaneously tracking metrics in real-time using Omniture.

All of this was accomplished while also reducing the checkout process from five steps to just one. The results from this new design and smooth checkout process increased average order values by 28%, conversions by 40%, and decreased bounce rate by 10%.

The move to the Magento 2 ecosystem also coincided with Visiture implementing a new ERP platform (BlueCherry), allowing for the reengineered website to be tailored specifically to SPANX’s direct-to-consumer needs for the foreseeable future.

Beyond improved performance metrics and movement of product, another defining feature of the new website is its ability to showcase the brand’s philanthropic initiatives: events that support female entrepreneurs, partnerships with charitable organizations, and other stories that empower women.

The Results

After a 10-month implementation, the new website was launched in Q3 of 2017 and was unveiled by Sara Blakely during a guest appearance on the ninth season of ABC’s hit show Shark Tank.

This kicked off a busy holiday season for the company and thanks to the robust new platform and updated design, the site was more than capable of handling the huge influx of traffic while effectively showcasing SPANX’s iconic brand positioning and personality.

See what Spanx’s eCommerce Technical Director said about working with Visiture

Visiture was a great partner, they serviced us well and they still helping us today.

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