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Visiture is currently offering a free email marketing audit, as well as 40% off the first month of Visiture's email marketing services.

Offer runs from August 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.


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Email Marketing Audit


40% off

first month of email

marketing services


Omnisend is currently offering 30% off the first month of Omnisend services.

Offer runs from August 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.


30% off

Pro or Enterprise

How Visiture Can Help Increase Your Email ROI:

Our email audit includes:

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Content Calendar

We analyze your company’s content calendar to ensure that you are reaching subscribers with the most relevant, interesting, entertaining and profitable pieces possible.



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Layout and design are paramount to performance. Together, we will explore how your emails can be streamlined to create more aesthetically-appealing and results-oriented compositions.






Our team will analyze your automation triggers and workflows to ensure that your brand is reaching customers at the ideal moment to cultivate more engagement, loyalty and revenue.

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Data Segmentation

Personalization is foundational to email marketing profitability. We ensure that your campaigns are leveraging dynamic email content to deliver the most relevant and intimate communications in the most efficient way possible.

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Dynamic Content

Are your campaigns customized to fit individual subscribers? Visiture will help sift through customer data and build refined, segmented audiences that you can deliver hyper-personalized messaging to, thus driving devotion and conversions.

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Contact Acquisition

Visiture takes the time to explore your contact acquisition strategies and establishes the techniques necessary to generate qualified leads and grow your email list faster.

Visiture's Retention Marketing Formula:



Built with customers and companies in mind, our personalized email marketing efforts assist your brand in elevating and maintaining engaged, intimate, and committed relationships with its audience through a data-driven strategy of segmentation, automation, and customization.

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SMS and MMS is the most timely and personal way to reach customers. Through this medium, Visiture helps your business blast out limited-time offers, account-based alerts, and other messages the arose urgency and increase sales.

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Using social media messaging apps, retailers can deliver highly-personalized experiences that convert, collect customer data to produce more informed and effective campaigns, and reach consumers through their favorite platforms.

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