Visiture Wins Top Prize in Microsoft’s ‘Get to Green’ Contest

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Visiture is proud to announce we’ve been selected as the winner of the “Get to Green” Microsoft Advertising Contest. The goal of the competition was to help our clients increase Microsoft (Bing) Advertising ROI and outpace their competitors via feature implementations and accreditation. 

The Visiture Team worked to prescribe the best implementations for each client’s business, outperforming competing agencies across various contest criteria. We saw an average of our clients’ Spend Under Influence in remarketing increase from 27% in March of 2020 to 66% in May of 2020. 

In addition, by adopting DSA campaigns, we were able to adapt quickly to the growing search results that appear to ensure full coverage for our accounts’ success, by leveraging Bing’s indexes of our clients’ websites. This culminated in our client’s Spend Under Influence in these campaigns increasing from 14% in March of 2020 to 26 in May of 2020. 

On Visiture’s behalf, Microsoft has teamed up with their syndication partner, Ecosia, to plant 100 trees. The overall goal is to plant 250,000 trees in 2020! Our team couldn’t be more excited about our contribution to this cause as we have always placed great value on environmental sustainability efforts. 

“I want to thank our Media Team for their diligent work on this project, and for always maintaining the mentality that best is the standard. I’d also like to thank Microsoft and our Partner Team for putting this initiative together and giving us the opportunity to contribute to a greener 2020 and carbon-negative 2030.”  – Seth Newton, Director of Media at Visiture 

Please check out the #MSFTAds #MicrosoftForEarth movement to learn more about the project.

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