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3 Reasons Why eCommerce Needs Organic Search Engine Marketing


of consumers begin product discovery with a search engine.


of consumers click on organic listings when they search.


has the highest ROI of any eCommerce marketing campaign.

Prioritizes SEO

We are constantly updating our processes, analyzing incoming data, anticipating and exploiting changes in search engines. The real trick is to create unique campaigns based on your company’s marketing resources, goals and challenges. This strategic approach differentiates our eCommerce company from the competition.

SEO Ninjas

Our SEO service is built for eCommerce and makes us unique in our industry. If you want real results from SEO experts who get eCommerce, then talk to us.

Discovery Is Key

Before we jump into your SEO campaign, we get to know you. We learn your brand, your ideal customers, your toughest challenges and visionary goals. This crucial foundation gives us an intuitive understanding of your ideal customer, how they find you, and how they buy from you. Once we know the human journey, we can recreate that journey digitally with the right SEO campaign.

We do not take this lightly.

Our SEO Process

Visiture’s proven SEO process is built for eCommerce, delivering higher Return on Advertising Spend than the competition. How can we say that? Real data from our clients tells us we are better than your current company.

How We Do It

Visiture applies a rigorous combination of on-page and off-page optimization specifically designed for your company.

On-Page Optimization

Our SEO practice starts with on-page optimization. We evaluate your current website for how it performs in search engine rankings, how traffic is reaching your site, how the current strategy is positioned against the competition, and how well it achieves your goals. We optimize sitewide, from category pages to product pages, to achieve higher organic search visibility and more prospective customers.

Our proven process allows you to feel confident that you are following all of the latest Google guidelines regarding technical SEO. Other agencies run your site through software and call it a day. We do not. We spend more time manually checking items, in addition to using technology, to give you an advantage.

We go through your key category, product, and landing pages to uncover high volume & converting keywords to target.

We look at your competitors and figure out if there are smarter ways to attract quality traffic, such as recategorizing the site, creating new landing pages, and more.

We write fresh meta information, h1 tags, and body content based on keyword research.

We create unique content – from category page copy, to blogs, to product descriptions – to beef up content and make it unique, giving searchers and search engines alike a unique experience. This is what Google wants, and so do you.

Off-Page Optimization

Not having off-page SEO is like buying an aircraft carrier and forgetting to buy the aircraft. If you aren’t actively competing for searchers’ attention, you are losing customers to the companies who are. If no other sites use the same keywords, no more is needed. But how many competitors do you have?

As competition increases, external website factors become necessary to help Google sort winners from losers. Backlinks and social media signals are two of the largest influences. They are Google’s way of judging “popularity” – how much clout your brand has in the digital marketplace.  The brands with more clout rise to the top, maximizing visibility to prospective customers. They are the sites your customers see and trust.

How does Google determine which site will best serve a customer’s search query?

They use the keywords on your page as a starting point.

Our Strategy

Visiture strengthens your digital clout by cultivating backlinks and social media signals. We create shareable content and promote that content to keyword-relevant websites with high domain authority.

The strategy is simple: Create compelling, on-brand content and promote it to the right audiences, people who will love it so much, they will spawn links and social media signals, sending more authority to you, ultimately strengthening your position in search engines.

Our Off-Page SEO practice
has four cornerstones:

Editorial content

We produce relevant and compelling content, then pitch it to websites with a high keyword relevancy.

Power Pages

We conduct research to understand what content will be most compelling and then promote it to high-ranking industry publications.

Reverse Engineering

Your competitors have worked hard on their off-page SEO, and the results of their labor are online for anyone to see. We take what is working for them, looking at the competition’s inbound links as a starting point for your backlink strategy.


Visual content is a premium experience, attracting valuable links and strong brand impressions. We create engaging infographics that provide added value to sites that share your long form content.

Hear what our clients
say about us

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

Over the years, saw their key positions in Google, such as for “knee braces” and other relevant keywords, begin to decline. Since “knee braces” receives over 74,000 searches a month, it is a very valuable and rewarding keyword to be in the top position for. Visiture was brought on and tasked with not only recovering these keywords in order to help the company turn around their positions in Google, but also to acquire new customers to grow the business.

Real People, Real Results

SEM Case Study: Arcadia Publishing

Visiture’s SEM team increased sales 102% YOY, increased conversions by 141% YOY, and increased return on advertising by 458%.

SEO Case Study: Brace Shop

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 323%, increased top 3 positions by 372%, and improved top 4-10 positions by 276%.

PPC Case Study: Achoo Allergy

Visiture’s PPC team increased sales (conversions) by 69% YOY, increased revenue by 67% YOY, and improved return on ad spend (ROAS) by 79% YOY.

SEO Case Study:

Visiture’s SEO team increased keyword rankings by 132%, top 3 positions by 323%, and top 4-10 positions in Google by 112%. See how we did it!

Heard enough talk?

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Ready to take your business to the next level?

VISITURE is the SEM Partner you are looking for!

Stephanie Bregman

Director Of Marketing

"Visiture has been an integral part of not only growing our business but helping to save our business during a time of crisis of switching over shopping cart platforms. They were able to help us stop the bleed and show us how we should properly look at data so that we can stay within our margins and spread our dollars out to other online advertising avenues that we hadn't tried before"