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Tiege: Helping Men with Skincare.

Founded in 2015, Tiege Hanley is a high-quality skin care solution for men. Tiege Hanley’s sole mission is to help guys look and feel amazing by providing a simplified skin care system. Founded out of a lack of quality and affordable men’s skin care products, the company has taken the industry by storm, quickly becoming a leader in men’s skin products.




Content Marketing


Increasing Market Share and Search Traffic.

As a start-up skin care brand looking to revolutionize the way that men think about their skin, Tiege Hanley has huge growth goals. They knew they needed to win the search competition in order to attract new customers. Therefore, they hired Visiture to help them transform their search engine marketing efforts.


Utilizing SEO and Content Marketing to Increase Awareness

In order to compete with some of the biggest brands in the health and beauty space, Visiture put together a search engine optimization program aimed specifically to improve non-branded keyword positioning in order to become a leader in men’s skin care. In an emerging market and in a search landscape that has very little volume for these types of products, this was not going to be an easy challenge.

We started our engagement with a thorough technical SEO assessment, backlink audit and keyword research analysis. Through this, we identified multiple issues and worked together to solve pain points and improve the user experience.

One of the biggest issues was the speed of the site. There were several obstacles preventing the site from loading at a faster rate. Using the data gathered from our assessment, we recommended that the company compress all of their images, consolidate their tracking scripts and defer parsing of render-blocking JavaScript.

We also recommended that the company implement a breadcrumb navigation that would present on each of their pages. We also worked with Tiege to no-index some of their low-quality pages in order improve their crawl budget.

Tiege Mobile CS

A huge part of the success of this engagement has come from the time and resources the company has invested in their content marketing. Through our SEO program, Visiture started producing a large amount of onsite content— over 25 articles a month — in addition to resource pages and off-site editorials.

While their brand ambassador, Aaron Marino, works to grow the brand’s name recognition, Visiture’s efforts to expose the brand —and the concept of men’s skin care based around their simplified skin care system — has resonated with consumers who are interested in solving skin concerns or improving their appearance. The content that Visiture produces has increased the visibility of the brand and educated the consumer about the need for their products.

Tiege Hanley Blog Example 2 CS
Tiege Hanley Blog Example CS


Increased Organic Performance

This combination of technical SEO improvements as well as working with the company on their content marketing led to significant increases in their organic search performance. In addition to 385% increase in organic impressions, the company also saw the following improvements:


Increase in Organic



Increase in Organic



Increase in Organic



Increase in Ranked


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