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Terra’s Kitchen is breaking through the online food delivery service by delivering freshly prepped, pre-chopped ingredients in an eco-friendly vessel that is climate controlled and keeps your ingredients perfectly ripe and fresh until you’re ready to cook.

Their mission is simple: bring the family back to the dinner table by serving seasonal, chef-designed recipes that are good for you and also good for la Tierra (the Earth).

Terra's Kitchen Project
Project Highlights

Project Highlights.

The first challenge was to build a subscription module in Magento Enterprise that was uniquely designed to support recurring weekly food deliveries but that was also flexible enough to allow customers to skip, add, or cancel a delivery anytime throughout their shopping experience. The next challenge was to develop a food delivery algorithm to automatically assign meals to an upcoming order based on a customer’s past order history, dietary restrictions, and family size.

The last challenge was to create an intuitive user experience that encouraged customers to fill up their eco-friendly vessel based on packaging logistics received from an ERP in order to increase the average order value.
Designed, developed and managed by a team of engineers, developers, UI/UX designers and a project manager, the Terra’s Kitchen site leveraged Magento’s shopping cart platform to create an online farm-to-table subscription delivery service.

Traditional eCommerce experience was reconsidered, challenged, and elevated and the result is a simple solution to a complex problem that reflects Terra’s Kitchen's simple mission.

Additional Development Features.

Taste Profile

Dietary restrictions will not keep even the most limited eater from being able to order. Allergic to nuts? No problem! Our food delivery algorithm will make sure no meals containing nuts are selected for your upcoming order.

Invite a Friend

Invite your friends to sign up and you’ll both be rewarded.

No Commitment Subscription

Going out of town? Want to take a break? Our intuitive, mobile-friendly, and tablet-friendly customer dashboard allows you to make these changes whenever you need to.

Terra's Kitchen Additional Development

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