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The Project.

Operating out of Bluffton, South Carolina, Tactical Baby Gear offers a range of military-style baby products for fathers. Founded on a lack of dad-designed baby products in the baby product care industry, they joined the fight to combat ‘diaper bag emasculation’ in 2013. The tactical-styled brand has since found success with their rugged yet practical baby products that even the toughest dads are proud to display.


The Challenge.

By most measures, Tactical Baby Gear’s Amazon’s account started in a good place. They had an efficient ACOS that made sense for their business and were generally happy with the results but wanted to find additional ways to scale their business. That’s when Visiture stepped in.

Visiture’s PPC team came in to help reconstruct their Amazon account from the ground up and implement industry best practices that would help boost brand visibility, provide greater control over budget distribution, and scale online sales.

Tactics and Goals.

Visiture built out an internal game plan of addressing the quick, low-hanging fruit to improve efficiency and support scale while constantly evaluating long-term opportunities.


The short-term opportunities included building out a new list of relevant negative targeted terms to implement across all campaigns, followed by immediate keyword expansions within current campaigns and new bid optimizations. Once these items were in place, Visiture then started collecting data and conducting analysis to inform the most impactful long-term strategy.



The long-term efforts focused on building out more product-specific keywords set to better align the advertised product with the consumer’s interest. Once new product-specific campaigns were implemented, Visiture ran a thorough analysis on search terms to uncover key distinctions in the terminology used for male diaper bags. Then, Visiture took those keyword themes and broke them out into their own campaigns, allocating specific budgets as well as unique bids for each variation of ‘male diaper bags’ keyword themes.


In addition, Visiture also worked on branded and non-branded campaign segmentation. To keep a competitive edge, it was critical that ads were being served next to competitors. So, we constructed campaigns that targeted a list of our top competitors and their ASIN’s. As a result, Tactical Baby Gear gained more visibility, increased consideration and saw an increase in purchases.



As a result of these actions, Tactical Baby Gear saw tremendous gains in the last year, including:

Increase in Sales


Increase in orders


Decrease in ACoS


Increase in CPC


Increase in ROAS



In creating a list of relevant negative keywords, optimizing bids, allocating specific budgets, identifying search terms that are synonymous and catering campaigns to reach specific audiences, Visiture saw a vast increase in our conversion metrics. Comparing metrics for 30 days under Visiture’s management versus prior, our orders have increased by 54% with sales revenue rising by 57%. Though ad spend has increased by 40%, ROAS continued to grow with an 11% increase. With the success of these metrics, the results of scaling orders and revenue also decreased ACOS by 10.5%.

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