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Superlift: Premium Suspension Parts for Trucks and SUVs

Established in 1975, Superlift remains a pioneer and leader in the off-road aftermarket suspension industry. The company originated by designing and manufacturing lift kits and suspension systems for off-road enthusiasts and remains one of the few suspension companies operated by true truck and off-road enthusiasts. Today, the company’s quality, commitment to superior innovative design and phenomenal customer service make it unmatched.


Expanding Brand Visibility Online

Prior to our partnership, Superlift had not dived into search marketing to its potential and wanted a way to increase traffic and ultimately website sales. Visiture was originally brought on by the Superlift team in July 2016 to help promote brand awareness and increase sales through paid search campaigns.

Our SEO team was added to the partnership in order to help the company remedy major migration issues. Not only had their migration to a new website tanked their website traffic, they also weren’t utilizing SEO and content marketing to their full ability.


Paid Media

Going into our PPC agreement, the Superlift team had three main goals–increase sales, increase brand awareness and increase qualified site visitors.

When Visiture took over PPC management for Superlift, our goal was to use our best practices to create a new account structure for the company’s PPC efforts. We mined old campaigns and analyzed them to their fullest to ensure that any historical data and keywords were not misused. We also performed extensive keyword and target audience research to help us make sure we were targeting qualified consumers.

Armed with this information, we went to work on restructuring the account. One of the first initiatives was to set up dynamic remarketing campaigns for the client. This allowed us to re-target shoppers who had previously viewed products on, serving them image ads displaying the specific products they had viewed while on the site.

In addition, by isolating top-priority keywords with an account structure of campaigns tiered by importance, Visiture was able to expand exposure and create more efficient spending at the same time. We also went through the company’s product offerings and made sure that all priority brands and models had keyword coverage so that landing page relevance was guaranteed for potential customers.

Finally, we worked with the client to implement product reviews and seller ratings. These reviews and ratings can have an enormous influence on customer behavior and purchasing decisions and can increase an ad’s CTR. Therefore, we wanted to get these in place for Superlift as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this, we worked on getting the company set up with Google’s approved vendors in order to collect these reviews.

Superlift Ads New

SEO and Content Marketing

When our SEO team was brought onto the Superlift account, we identified three main goals for their organic marketing–correct their migration issues that had tanked their organic visibility, implement a content marketing program and not only drive traffic to the site, but make sure that traffic converted.

Our first initiative on the SEO side was to work on the migration issues that were crippling the company. Through our initial site audit, we noticed that a majority of the company’s website had completely been removed during the migration. Based on this, we built out a priority list of make and model pages that needed to be created again. We also used a keyword map to make sure we had the pages necessary to compete for multiple makes and models. We also did a 301 redirect clean-up to help mitigate previous migration errors.

Once most of the migration issues were handled, we then started working on a content marketing program with their internal team that would drive backlinks and rank for research queries. The first objective for our content team was to complete a thorough audit of the company and their industry in order to identify the best content centered around their product offering.

After our initial research was complete, our content strategists started creating compelling content that would resonate with the company’s target audience. This was produced in both on-site and off-site editorial content forms. The on-site editorial content was placed on the company’s blog and contained a strong inner linking strategy to their category and product pages. The content that was created for off-site content was then pitched to external sites with a high domain authority and relevance.

We also worked with their internal team to optimize their on-site content. Our content teams worked to rewrite and optimize all of their titles, meta titles, meta descriptions and URLs. In addition, we worked with the company on multiple conversion audits to help them best optimize their site for visitors.

Superlift Blog 1
Superlift Blog 2


Increased eCommerce Results

Overall, this engagement has been very successful for Superlift. Through our paid search efforts, we have been able to increase conversions 302% and decrease their cost per conversion by 40%. Additionally, the company saw tremendous gains in their organic results, including a 280% increase in traffic and a 285% increase in first page rankings.


Increase in Paid Revenue


Increase in Paid Conversions


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in First Page Rankings

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