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The Project.

Superlift is a pioneer and leader in the off-road aftermarket suspension industry. It began designing and manufacturing lift kits and suspension systems for off-road enthusiasts in the 1970s. Today, its quality, commitment to superior innovative design, and phenomenal customer service make it unmatched.

Visiture was brought on by the Superlift team in July of 2016 to help promote brand awareness and increase sales through paid search campaigns. Prior to our partnership, Superlift had not explored search marketing for its potential, and it wanted to increase its traffic.

Our Goals:

  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition
  • Increase Qualified Site Visitors

Results Achieved.

Increase revenue


Increase revenue per conversion


Increased impressions


Our Tactics and Goals.

When Visiture took over PPC management for Superlift, our goal was to use our best practices to create a new account structure for the company’s PPC efforts. We mined old campaigns and analyzed them to their fullest to ensure that any historical data and keywords were not misused. We also performed extensive keyword and target audience research to help us make sure we were targeting qualified consumers.

Armed with this information, we went to work on restructuring the account. One of the first initiatives was to set up dynamic remarketing campaigns for the client. This allowed us to re-target shoppers who had previously viewed products on, serving them image ads displaying the specific products they had viewed while on site.

Superlift Image 2
Superlift Image 2

In addition, by isolating top-priority keywords with an account structure of campaigns tiered by importance, Visiture was able to expand exposure and create more efficient spending at the same time. We also went through the company’s product offering and made sure that all priority brands and models had keyword coverage so that landing page relevance was guaranteed for potential customers.

Finally, we worked with the client to implement product reviews and seller ratings. These reviews and ratings can have an enormous influence on customer behavior and purchasing decisions and can increase an ad’s CTR. Therefore, we wanted to get these in place for Superlift’s ads as soon as possible.

In order to achieve this, we worked on getting the company set up with Google’s approved vendors in order to collect these reviews.

Decreased the company’s cost per conversion


Increased clicks


Increased ROAS


Superlift Image 1


Overall, this engagement has been very successful for Superlift.

Through our paid search efforts, we have been able to increase sales for the company, as well as increasing brand awareness and recognition.

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