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The Project.

We were approached by a long time customer who started up a second eCommerce business that focused on a particular niche of theirs. Our goal and objective was to increase the overall organic search traffic and, ultimately, sales of the website.

They were executing search engine optimization in-house and were looking to get a more experienced company working on their search engine optimization for their eCommerce store.

SEO Traffic Increase
What We Did

What We Did.

First, we analyzed the website and the different improvements we needed to make.

The overall feeling was that their backlink profile was minimal, their website was slow, and their content was nonexistent.

On Page Tactics.

Backlink Profile

We first identified that their backlink profile was minimal. There were zero helpful or quality links. We used our linking strategies and built content, including a powerful power page, that ended up ranking on the same page for some of their highly sought after keyword phrases.


We saw, through the Google Page Speed test, that their page speed was atrocious. We helped identify the problems of the slow site speed, and this allowed their development team to speed up the website.


There was no content on the site and the Panda penalty was alive and large on the website. We helped remove some duplicate content from their Magento platform, and then helped create fresh and unique meta titles, descriptions, body content, category content, and power pages.

The Results.

The results were amazing. Their average Google position went from a 49 (meaning the average of where they rank in Google for the phrases we chose, which was 46), and were able to get them to an 8 average position in Google within 6 months.

In addition, they are in positions 1-5 for the majority of their highly sought after keyword phrases. We were able to see, throughout time, their organic search traffic increased 642% since we started in a period of 9 months. Sales subsequently increased over 400% as a result of our efforts.

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Withheld Testimonial


I have been working with Ronald and the Visiture team since 2013. They have helped grow our search engine traffic 642% since inception and sales have increased tremendously because of it.

They have always delivered as promised and constantly improve their techniques for search engine optimization based on the latest updates from Google. From their customer service to their Internet marketing consulting and everything in between- it has been a great experience working with Ronald.

I would highly recommend Visiture for any ecommerce business that is looking to increase traffic and revenue.

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