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The Project.

Atlanta Peach Movers is the largest moving company in the Southeast region. Throughout the years, they were losing organic rankings to their competitors and directory sites, like Yelp and Thumbtack.

Our goal was to return them back to their prominent placements in Google search results for their main keyword phrases, and in turn, increase their organic search traffic and conversions.

Atlanta Peach Movers
What We Did

What We Did.

First, we identified that their backlink profile had been neglected and had broken backlinks and low-quality links. We 301 redirected all of the broken links that were losing value for Atlanta Peach Movers and disavowed the low-quality links and helped to remove them.

Then, we optimized their website using our on page SEO process and rewrote the meta information based on targeted keyword research using our best and modern SEO practices.

On Page Tactics.

Backlink Profile

Through research, we identified that their backlink profile had numerous broken backlinks and low-quality links, which we fixed and disavowed.

Meta Tags

We found that the meta tags and descriptions that were being used for each of the company’s landing pages were done using old SEO tactics, and in a sense, over-optimized. In order to fix this, we used modern SEO practices that we have found to be effective and performed targeted keyword research to uncover the high converting keyword phrases, and formed meta information based on that.

Technical Issues

On the technical side, there were various items that needed attention, like their site speed, inner site structure, and settings used by a popular SEO plugin installed on their site. We remedied all of the technical issues and helped push their optimized site out within 30 days.

Off Page Tactics.

We also identified their backlink profile needed more authority from high page ranking domains. We attacked the situation from two angles:

Content Creation & Promotion

The first angle that we used to attack this problem was content creation and outreach. The first step here was to research their industry and find the most popular content out there. We found that consumers in this industry were looking for content that gave them information, such as “moving tips.” Therefore, we created content based on this historical data and trends. Then, we promoted it to various websites that focused on subjects around moving. The results were incredible – we were able to achieve high page ranking domain backlinks from various blogs on popular content distributors, in addition to over hundreds of social shares.

Resource Building

The second phase in this strategy was resource building. There are numerous partners and websites/blogs which mention moving companies, and various resources for moving. We promoted our content and Atlanta Peach Movers to these websites in order to get them to link back to Atlanta Peach Movers in their resources. This enabled us to get high-quality contextual backlinks. Overall, from those efforts, we were able to see high rankings in Google and in particular, a number 1 result for their main phrase “Atlanta Movers” in organic rankings and in the map listings.

The Results.

After 6 months of work, Atlanta Peach Movers saw amazing results in their overall organic rankings and search traffic. Across the board, their main keyword phrases rose from lesser positions under sites such as Yelp, and into their first position.

Not only were their organic listings ranking high, but their maps also were ranking high and their traffic increased 35% year over year from organic search. The graphs to the right show our overall progress from SEMRush and Ahrefs.

We see again, across the board, their rankings rose in Google from our efforts and were able to enjoy a large rise in organic search traffic and conversions. Best of all, they are there to stay due to our purely white hat SEO tactics.

Atlanta Peach Movers Results

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