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The Project.

SculptHouse opened its doors in 2016 as the world’s first fitness studio to combine modern pilates and the treadmill to get a low-impact but high-intensity strength and cardio workout.

However, the fitness facet was only part of owner Katharine Mason’s vision for SculptHouse. She also wanted to include her interest in the athleisure fashion industry, so she started a fashion boutique side of SculptHouse, selling clothes, shoes and accessories.

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The Challenge.

In Q2 of 2019, SculptHouse partnered with Visiture to start building their new Shopify site. Prior to our partnership, SculptHouse had been utilizing two different sites in order to sell their products online. One site was powered by WordPress, which isn’t ideal for eCommerce businesses. The separation of their sites created a disjointed workflow, making processes more difficult for the business. The company also placed a big emphasis on design - their old site was outdated, and they knew that they needed a site that was clean, captivating and easy to use.


We kicked off the project with a discovery session - learning as much as we could about their business, their industry and their goals for a new site. After understanding more about how their new site needed to work for them, our development team went to work on building out the project. 

We worked with SculptHouse to make the necessary design changes - with new branding implemented on the site. We also worked to clean up the navigation to create a better user experience. We added feature collections - shop women, shop men - and a left navigation bar to make shopping easier and encourage conversions. 

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We also implemented Shopify Pay, which allowed the company to save user information with a two-factor authorization at checkout. We also integrated Marianatek, a top eCommerce platform for the fitness industry, to enable class registration and membership management online. This allowed for the unification of both parts of their business on one single domain.


Social Media Advertising.

After a 4 month implementation, Visiture launched SculptHouse’s new site on September 17, 2019. After launch, SculptHouse partnered with Visiture's paid media team to help drive traffic to the new site. Our main focus was pushing the site via social media advertising. Prior to this, the company had never utilized social ads as a customer acquisition channel. Since our team was working with a blank slate, our first initiative was to uncover as many insights as possible into their brand, customers and competition. 

In our research, we identified Facebook and Instagram as the two main channels for optimization and growth - with Instagram being the primary focus as it aligned better with their audience. With this information in mind, our team began building out campaigns across the two platforms. We started by uploading their product catalog into Facebook in order to utilize a dynamic catalog in retargeting.


We then built out other retargeting campaigns - segmenting based on past purchasers, past site visitors and fans of the company on their social profiles - as well as a prospecting campaign based on their competition. In addition to this granular segmentation, we also deployed other social advertising best practices to help increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. This included marketing higher-priced items to boost AOV and increase ROAS flexibility, using engaging imagery and verbiage that appealed to our audience - "Cult Favorite", "Limited Run". These best practices helped us to achieve extremely positive results for the boutique.

Results Achieved .

Increase in Sessions


Increase in AOV


Decrease in Order Error Rate


ROAS Achieved in First 30 Days


Increase in Social Revenue


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See what Katherine Mason, SculptHouse Founder & CEO, said about working with Visiture.

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