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The Project.

RefrigiWear is a leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear and accessories, for subzero temperatures and everyday use, which is located in Dahlonega, Georgia.

For over fifty years, the company has supplied a wide range of industries with insulated garments needed to keep workers warm, safe, and productive.

Refrigiwear Project
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The Challenge.

Prior to partnering with Visiture, RefrigiWear had seen mixed results from its PPC initiatives. It had been managing campaigns in-house and no one on its team had the time or knowledge to really dig in to the capabilities of search engine marketing. The company’s seasonality also made it more complex to predict what kind of campaign would perform well and when it would do so.

Besides wanting to do more than just maintain the status quo in its PPC campaigns, RefrigiWear also wanted to hone-in on creating and growing a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Traditionally, the company had focused only on B2B industries but, with the emergence of eCommerce, it wanted to try taking its product directly to the consumers.

Results Achieved.

AdWords sessions increased


AdWords revenue increased




Increased impressions


Increased clicks


Our Tactics and Goals.

With profitability the #1 goal for the company, establishing a Return On Ad Spend goal—or ROAS—was paramount in guiding our optimizations. Along with the client, profit margin analyses were conducted and, together, we set an overall ROAS of $3.00.

Visiture’s PPC team took over management of the company’s PPC accounts in Q4 of 2016. The first thing that our team did was work with the client to fix its conversion tracking scripts, as they were over-inflating all metrics and giving the client inaccurate data.

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We then worked on implementing remarketing pixels so that we could run dynamic remarketing campaigns, which allows our team to build ads that will be tailored to previous visitors of the company’s website.

With our ROAS goal in mind, our next main priority was to extensively build out the company’s account to ensure coverage of relevant keywords applicable to its product set. We included more granular keywords in order to improve return and to target more qualified searchers.


Overall, this has been a very successful partnership for Visiture and RefrigiWear. Not only have we been able to continuously meet the company’s ROAS goal, but we have also helped increase the amount of relevant traffic that is funneled to the site. We’ve also worked with the client to help implement new landing pages and get conversion tracking set up properly, and we have used our best practices to ensure success. Through all of this, the client has seen increased revenue within the B2C segment, which is the primary goal for the company’s PPC strategy.

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