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The Project.

Pinnacle Promotions is a leading retailer of custom branded merchandise and corporate apparel, tailoring to some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Since 1994, they have screen- printed, embroidered, laser-printed, pad printed, and debossed thousands of logos for thousands of organizations on millions of products.

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The Challenge.

In June of 2018, Pinnacle Promotions brought on Visiture to help them increase their organic traffic. While their organic performance had historically been favorable, the company also knew that they were missing out on a huge opportunity to capture more traffic through organic results.

The biggest challenge on this project was the sheer number of products that Pinnacle Promotions offers their clients. With close to ten thousand pages indexed on their site, our SEO team knew it was going to be a challenge to have Google rank all the product categories and subcategories independently.

Tactics and Goals.

The goal of our SEO program was to increase visibility across the board. One thing that made this program so successful was the fact the company offered a set of products that were associated with a higher margin.

Technical SEO.

There was nothing in their product offering that would limit our scope. This freedom allowed us to differentiate URLs and create a clear strategy from a linking perspective to communicate to Google how each of the product groupings are all distinct.


Through our in-depth technical audit, our SEO team also identified several significant areas for improvement. We recommended the company implement browser caching as well as work on compressing images on the site. In addition, we worked with the company to help resolve breadcrumb navigation pointing to parametrized pages — as well as many other technical SEO tactics that helped contribute to the company’s success.


Content Marketing.

While our technical teams went to work on problems identified in their audit, our content specialists started strategizing with the Pinnacle Promotion’s team to come up with relevant keywords and content ideas. After a rough list was compiled, we went to work researching keywords and performing backlink audits for their site.

Our team created on-site content that we knew would resonate with the company’s target audience. This content was specific, timely and centered around the company’s industry with links pointed back to their product offering.

Our team also created off-site content, which our outreach specialists then pitched to key websites every month with a high keyword relevancy, domain authority and social media influence.


As a result of these actions, Pinnacle Promotions saw tremendous gains in the last year, including:

Increase in Keywords


Increase in Backlinks


Increase in Organic Traffic


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Overall, this was a very successful initiative for Pinnacle Promotions and Visiture’s SEO team.

In addition to the previous results, we also saw an increase in organic revenue and an increase in top 1-3 positions.

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