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The Project.

[Withheld] is one of the top content distributors in their industry. They produce unique personal development and uplifting content, which creates them a large readership base.

They monetize this reader base with advertising, promoting content, promoting products, and even selling products directly. They came to us with the goal to produce more organic traffic and rely less on paid media and advertising.

Withheld Penalty Recover
What We Did

What We Did.

First, we identified very few people searched phrases such as “personal development”. They searched for the content such as “coffee nutrition facts”, “unhealthiest foods”, and more. We created a list of 17 long-tailed keyword phrases that produced over 30,000 monthly searches.

We created an individual piece of content for each search phrase and then optimized each page for those search phrases. Within one month on their campaign, panda 2.0 went live.

On Page Tactics.


Throughout time [Withheld], used the WordPress platform and SEO by Yoast, were allowing all of their articles to have the same keywords in their title tag. So, if they wrote a post on “How to quit Smoking” the URL would be [Withheld].com/how-to-quit-smoking.

Meta Titles

The day Panda 2.0 launched, one of our test sites rose 8 pages. We identified the reason was the title was different from the URL, so we found out Panda 2.0 went after sites who were too “over optimized”.

Site Structure

We determined if we change the URL’s of the articles and redirected the old ones to the new ones, we would be able to get their website on the right track. So, we would change [Withheld].com/how-to-quit-smoking to [Withheld].com/quit-smoking. This would “under optimize” the website for their phrases.

Off Page Tactics.

During this time, we also continued with our original plan of optimizing their 17 articles for their desired keyword phrases.

Content & Research

We created and obtained high power PR backlinks to these 17 articles and were able to increase the rankings and achieve high positions ,such as 1-4 for “Coffee Nutrition Facts”, number 2 for “unhealthiest foods”, and more.

Domain Value

We were able to bring the domain value up for the website and ultimately rank the website for thousands of more phrases than they used to rank for.

The Results.

The results were amazing. During their lowest point in May (during Panda 2.0), one week produced 2,934 organic search visitors. After 6 months, it reached 9,194 during one week.

That is a 329% increase in organic traffic from start to finish. They made a full recovery from a tricky Google algorithm update, even though they never did anything wrong in the first place, and are on the correct path to fulfilling their goal of being the best personal development content distributor.

One of the 17 blog posts even went viral and produced over 1.52 million page visitors and 138,000 Facebook shares. This was accomplished through organic search, great content, and the ability to share posts on social media through their website.

Withheld Testimonial


In just over 6 months working with Ron & his team, we’ve grown our organic search results by 148%. During this time Ronald and his Search specialists have helped steer us through some tricky Google updates and they’ve also uncovered new ways we can update our content so it gets the most visibility online.

Ronald has proven to be a valuable resource to us as we spread our message of healthy living and personal growth with the world. I’m confident that our organic search traffic is in good hands with him on my team.

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