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The Project.

Based in Charleston, SC, Organaca is one of the leading retailers of organic skin care products. In 2015, Visiture was tasked with gaining new organic search visibility for the company and put them in a position of growth in relation to organic search traffic and revenue. Since their inception, organic search had not been a customer acquisition channel for Organaca.

They received some traffic naturally but never put the necessary strategies in place to gain more organic search traffic. The larger issue at hand was that their brands were the highest converting landing pages in paid search, which meant our SEO team had to find a way to capture people searching for brands as a retailer. Visiture was up for the challenge and our journey is outlined below.

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What We Did.

The company’s on-page optimization was bleak when Visiture came in. There was no content on their blog, and their link profile did not have any high-quality backlinks pointing to it. Visiture’s SEO team quickly came to the rescue to improve upon these areas.

  • 42% increase in organic search engine traffic year over year.
  • 112% increase in organic search engine traffic (start to finish).
  • 45% increase in top 1-10 positions in Google.

On-Page Tactics.

Site Speed

The first issue that we identified was that there was a lot of site speed and canonical issues from being on the Magento Enterprise platform. Our technical audit helped to increase the site speed to our fullest abilities and removed simple technical deficiencies.

Meta Information

Another issue we identified was each of the category pages were dynamically created and had no real keyword value to them. For example, the “Organic” page just said “Organic.” To fix this problem, we went through each page, identified the best keywords, and wrote compelling meta title and descriptions for each category page.


Being that the brand pages were so important, we decided to write body content for each of the brand pages in addition to unique content. This showed amazing results and the company started showing up for the higher converting keyword phrases associated with the brand names.

Off-Page Tactics.

We also identified their backlink profile needed more authority from high page ranking domains. We attacked the situation from two angles:

Content Creation and Promotion

Content creation and promotion is king of the off page SEO industry. Our content strategists worked with the Organaca team to come up with compelling content that their target audience would love and identify with. Visiture then created the content and identified keyword relevant websites with a good DA to then pitch this content to. During this endeavor, Visiture was able to acquire 15 high-quality placements using the content generated. We also saw a large increase from the AHREFs score – going from around 12 million to 4.2 million within a couple of months. Not only did these piece of content provide good referral traffic and authority, but they also produced many social media shares, which helped to grow the Organaca brand.

On-Site Content

The second initiative for the SEO team was to create compelling on-site content to help acquire high-quality backlinks for the on-site content. Our content strategist and outreach specialists worked with the Organaca marketing team to come up with compelling content, which was then published to Organaca’s blog. Then, our outreach specialists promoted this content to writers who had written similar content. The results were outstanding and we were able to garner high-quality backlinks and social media signals to the blog. We also included inner links to key category pages within the blogs, which in turn allowed them to boost these pages up and achieve higher organic search positions.

The Results.

The results that we were able to achieve for Organaca were simply amazing. In 60 days, the company’s Google organic search traffic increased 42% year over year.

Most importantly, Organaca now ranks highly for keyword phrases that consumers are searching to buy these branded products. Visiture’s SEO team and services were able to allow a long-time Magento merchant to acquire high positions in organic search and acquire new customers.

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