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COVID-19 Response eCommerce Implementation

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Old Glory Distilling Co: Rooted in Timeless Tradition - Reshaped by Global Demand

Old Glory Distilling Co. is a small batch artisan distillery in Clarksville, Tennessee dedicated to crafting Tennessee whiskey and bourbon. Founded in 2016, the distillery was born out of a love for Clarksville and the desire to bring something exciting and distinct to the community. Met with a resounding amount of success and support, Old Glory Distillery has enjoyed an incredible growth rate of over 100% for four years running.


Switching Gears: Serving Community and Sustaining Revenue During a Pandemic

With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, business shifted for Old Glory Distilling Co. The company had previously depended on tours and in-person events at the distillery to bring in not only foot traffic, but sales as well. With more and more people staying home, this was no longer an option for the company. That meant their sales took a sharp dive.

However, in the midst of the economic downturn brought on by the pandemic, Old Glory Distilling Co. decided to pivot its business strategy. Instead of leaving their distillery dormant, they saw a way to not only adapt their business to the current climate, but also help others during these hard times. 

The company started producing hand sanitizer. 

At first, this initiative was solely to serve the people in their community: medical personnel, police, firefighters and nursing homes. They donated over 12,000 bottles to those on the front lines.

However, with hand sanitizer still being in short supply and high demand – and with more and more queries coming in about their product – Old Glory Distilling Co. decided to continue their production and open it up to anyone looking for hand sanitizer through the use of their website. The only problem was that they had never really sold products online. In order to help them with this endeavor, they called upon multiple eCommerce entities to help bring their site up to par.

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Building a Scalable Solution to Handle a Growing Demand

eCommerce Development

Our team recommended using Shopify to build a responsive online store for the hand sanitizer.  We knew the agile nature of the platform would allow for both a quick implementation and integration of other systems that would help the company scale operations as the demand for sanitizer increased.

When Visiture partnered with Old Glory Distilling Co., the eCommerce functionality of their website was not set up to handle the initiative at hand. Knowing the time-sensitivity of the project, Visiture’s development team quickly went to work configuring the company’s transactional site.

After three days of frontend work setting up the new product offerings, our development team then went to work connecting the backend systems. A big component of this endeavor was making sure that once an order came through, the company could easily ship the hand sanitizer to the customer. For this, they utilized ShipStation, which helped them automate some of their shipping tasks and spend more time focused on producing hand sanitizer.

Another component that they needed automated were taxes on the product. When they originally started selling the hand sanitizer in their own community, it was pretty easy to manage the taxes. As the demand grew, they began selling all over the country–with various state tax laws. Managing this without the help of a third-party integration would have been extremely complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, the company implemented TaxJar to help automate their tax calculations, reporting and filings.

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Social Media Advertising

After just a 5-day implementation, Visiture launched Old Glory Distilling Co.’s new transactional site on April 16, 2020. During that implementation, our media team was diligently working to craft a fully integrated marketing campaign in order to increase visibility of the company’s new product and capture more of the current demand for hand sanitizer. 

Our team first utilized search campaigns targeting queries related around hand sanitizer and disinfectant. With the staggering number of results pouring in, our team continuously monitored the campaigns in order to make sure the ad spend was being maximized. In addition, we utilized both organic and paid social tactics to also drive traffic back to the site. Our team took advantage of Facebook’s robust advertising platform and worked with lookalike audiences in order to cast a wider net and bring in more potential customers.

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Turning Vision to Results in Just 30 Days

The company’s hand sanitizer initiative has proven to be extremely successful–a huge feat considering their site wasn’t set up for online purchases at this level before enlisting our service. Now, the company has sold over 4,500 gallons of their hand sanitizer. This has helped the company not only stay afloat during the economic downturn, but also maintain their staff as well. Additionally, the company has achieved:


Gallons of hand sanitizer sold


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in User Sessions

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