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Mossy Oak: Sharing the Love of the Outdoors

For over 30 years, Mossy Oak has been dedicated to helping consumers get closer to nature with innovative camouflage patterns and the best in hunting, conservation, and lifestyle content. Headquartered in West Point, Mississippi, the company is part of the Haas Outdoor company. Founded in 1986, Haas is the outdoor industry leader in modern camouflage design, international licensing, and marketing.


Building on Previous SEO Success

Despite a notable organic presence and repeated success with the implementation of SEO best practices, Mossy Oak was still looking for ways to increase upon their previous success. They knew that great SEO results only came if you were continuously optimizing and staying on top of the trends. They realized that this could best be accomplished through the help of a seasoned expert. They needed a partner that could help them dominate the SERPs and overtake their competition. We were ready for the challenge.


Using SEO and Content Marketing to Engage with Visitors

Unable to dedicate the resources for an organic content marketing campaign, Mossy Oak turned to Visiture. Our team quickly went to work to focus on the best organic content marketing practices that would help them continue to see incremental results. We started by first sitting down with the company to identify their main goals for the investment. We learned that while they were interested in the metrics – positioning, traffic, etc. – Mossy Oak wanted a grander accomplishment: to become the absolute leader in all outdoor information.


To make this dream a reality, our different SEO teams sat down to decide how to best tackle this goal. After accessing the company, their site, their current SEO presence, competitors and more, we settled on a variation of our proven content marketing program.

We started the engagement by completing our diagnostic audit. This gave us a look into the company’s current site metrics, keyword rankings, and more. Based off of this data, we started by creating a striking distance keyword plan that helped us to identify attainable keyword wins.

After we researched which keywords we could easily win for the client, we met with their internal team to identify relevant topics for their content pieces. Each month, we worked closely with them to produce multiple articles centered around hunting, land management, game keeping, and other general outdoor topics. Following the design process, we published the content on their company blog.

We also worked with their internal team to optimize their onsite content. Our content teams worked to rewrite and optimize all of their titles, meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs. We then turned to other sources of onsite content. We took all of the articles from their monthly print publication, GameKeepers Magazine, and optimized them for the web before publishing on Mossy Oak’s website for audience consumption.



As a result of these actions, Mossy Oak saw tremendous gains in the last year, including:

Increase in Organic Search Engine Traffic


Increase in Unique Visitors from Search Engines


Decrease in Bounce Rate from Search Engines


Increase in Keyword Phrases (SEMRush)


Increase in Positions 1-3 in Google (SEMRush)


Increase in Positions 4-10 in Google (SEMRush)


Overall, this has been a very successful engagement for both Mossy Oak and Visiture. The company has seen exponential growth in the metrics we used for tracking success. The company’s search engine rankings for positions 1-3 have increased by 40% since we began our partnership. In addition, their keywords have increased by 51% and overall organic traffic has increased up to 92.5%. Mossy Oak is well on their way to becoming the top leader in outdoor information.

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