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LAPG: Tactical Gear, Equipment, and Products

LA Police Gear is a California-based retail brand, established in 2001 by Los Angeles area police officers. Designed as a one-stop shop for all things police, military, camping, survival, and miscellaneous everyday carry gear, LA Police Gear has grown since their founding to offer a diverse range of merchandise for people in any occupation.


Increasing LAPG's Digital Presence

LA Police Gear originally came to Visiture with the goal to increase their digital presence. While they had previously found success in the online space, they were starting to lose traction and needed a solution to help them gain more online visibility and revenue. In 2019, LAPG chose Visiture to manage their digital marketing and help them gain traction in the online space.


An Integrated Approach

In our initial engagement, they started with our Paid Media program – including Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media advertising and Amazon advertising. This was designed to help the company get some quick wins and gain exposure. We then tacked on our SEO program to help increase their organic presence in the search engine results. While they had previously had success in their rankings, they were starting to seriously lose results. Not only were their rankings consistently dropping, but the traffic and revenue started failing at an alarming rate. Our team suggested a migration to a new eCommerce platform to help fix the issue.

The company saw the advantages of a site migration and took our suggestion. Our development team worked with LA Police Gear to make their new site sleek and modern, and it implemented the proper UX best practices to ensure greater conversions.

Paid Search & Shopping

When we started management of LA Police Gear’s paid media accounts, we completed an intense audit – which included the current state of their accounts, an insight into their industry, and a better understanding of their company and goals. In our discovery, we identified 3 main goals from the company – increasing exposure of the brand, optimizing their ROAS to reach above a six and re-organizing their Shopping campaigns.

With profit margins defined by the company, we first went to work on restructuring their shopping campaigns. We worked closely with Google to help build Smart Shopping campaigns around those margins. We expanded their search campaigns to support more general searches (i.e. tactical or outdoor) compared to just police or law enforcement searches. We also worked on revising and updating the ad copy used in the campaigns to be inclusive of people outside the military or law enforcement.




When we started managing their Amazon advertising, our team first conduct a thorough audit of their existing account to determine any deficiencies. We quickly found several areas in which the company could make notable improvements. Not only were ad groups cluttered and mixed with keyword match types, campaigns were missing negative keywords and they were running zero Sponsored Brand campaigns. We also found that the company had some of their highest performing campaigns paused, while underperforming and under optimized campaigns continued to run – wasting money for the client.

Our team then started to restructure their account from the bottom up. We used keyword research to help us better optimize their product titles with relevant targeted keywords. We also identified targeted and negative keywords to ensure that sponsored product ads were appearing only for relevant searches.

In addition, we worked with the company to create an All Catalog campaign that included all the products in the client’s inventory. This allowed us to transfer key insights into our manual campaigns. We also created a series of Amazon posts to help increase product visibility for the client.

LAPG Amazon

SEO & Content Marketing

After implementing various paid media tactics with LA Police Gear, we brought on our SEO team to help them identify long-term organic strategies to increase their presence in the SERPs. We originally started working with the company to craft an effective content marketing strategy and optimizing their current meta titles and descriptions.

However, despite those efforts, the company continued to losing rankings. While this had been anticipated going into the agreement, the bleed didn’t slow down, even with the implementation of SEO best practices. At that point, our technical team took a deeper dive into the structure of the site to see how we could help.

Our team found that their site was riddled with errors and after seeing their analytics continue to drop, we recommended a site migration to a new platform and start over with a new slate. After consideration, the company decided to pursue that avenue and turned to Visiture’s design team to help bring their new site to life.

LAPG Content


Since the company had decided to migrate to a new eCommerce platform, they also took the opportunity to rebrand the company with a new design. Our team of UX experts mapped out a framework of how the new site would look and function.

Once it was approved, our design team went to work creating mockups for the company using the latest techniques and practices. LA Police Gear knew they wanted a more modern look, while still maintaining a familiar design. They had a firm brand identity; they just needed help bringing that up to date and give it a more modern feel.

After rounds of design mockups from our team, LA Police Gear ultimately decided upon the new feel of their site. Our team went to work designing all of the pages for the site and integrated them on their new platform.

LAPG Design


Increased eCommerce Performance

As a result of these actions, LA Police Gear saw tremendous gains in their eCommerce efforts over the past year, including:


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Overall Revenue Post Launch


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Social Purchases


Increase in Amazon Revenue

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