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The Project.

InkJetSuperStore is one of the leading online retailers of ink cartridges and printing-related materials. Started in November of 2000, the company is a reseller of printer consumable products with warehouses in California and Tennessee.

It strives to provide the absolute best printing supplies and accessories at discount prices while offering an incredible shopping experience.

InkJetSuperStore Challenge

The Challenge.

InkJetSuperStore had previously been working with various smaller agencies to help it with its search engine marketing. However, its Google rankings had been continuing to drop, year over year, in particular for the keyword phrase “ink cartridges,” which has over 18,000 monthly searches. With the expansion of the eCommerce space, the company was facing more and more competitors that were selling online. This increased the competition for its main Google keyword phrases.

The company knew that it had to do something to get its Google rankings in a positive trajectory. After evaluating vendors, InkJetSuperStore chose Visiture to help it not only recover lost keywords and achieve higher SERP rankings but also to acquire new customers searching for its products. We started work with the company in November of 2016.

Results Achieved.

Increase in Revenue from Organic YOY


Increase in Total Keywords YOY


Increase in Organic Traffic


Our Tactics and Goals.

1. Technical SEO

The first thing that our SEO team did after onboarding was a full SEO technical assessment, which allowed us to uncover common SEO issues, such as broken links and indexing issues. We also found that the company’s meta information was either not up to best practices or non-existent.

After completion of the audit, our team went to work redirecting broken backlinks and broken internal links. In all, we fixed over a thousand broken backlinks through industry best practices. We also worked on optimizing its top navigation pages, as well as customer service and contact pages.

We then took to reworking meta information and duplicate content issues on the company’s site. Using information uncovered during our keyword research, our team went in and wrote unique meta titles and descriptions that targeted the correct keyword phrase. We also used that information to go through each page and write unique content for the company’s category and brand pages.

In reworking any duplicate content, we helped to increase the number of pages that Google indexed. In addition, the specific meta information also increased indexed pages and helped to improve the page’s click-through rate.

2. Content Marketing

Content creation and promotion are the rulers of SEO quality link acquisition for eCommerce in today’s market. We knew that we needed to increase the company’s link profile in order to increase its organic visibility. We put together a link acquisition plan and strategy that we executed throughout the campaign.

Our first initiative was to complete a thorough evaluation of the industry and identify the best content centered around InkJetSuperStore’s products. Once our research was complete and we had a better grasp of the industry, we started work on acquiring backlinks. We did so using two different tactics—onsite content and offsite content.

We knew that creating compelling onsite content would help the company to acquire high-quality backlinks. We worked with its internal team to create content ideas, and then created and published the content to its blog. We then promoted this content to writers who had written similar content. The results were outstanding, and we were able to garner high-quality backlinks and social signals to its blog. In addition, we included links to its key category pages within the blogs, which helped to boost these pages and achieve higher organic search positions.

For the company’s offsite content, our content strategists worked with its internal team to create compelling content that its target audience would identify with. Our team then went to work creating this content and identified keyword-relevant sites with a good domain authority that we could pitch it to. Our outreach specialists then worked with bloggers and others writing about relevant topics to build relationships and acquire placements on those sites.

Through this endeavor, we were able to acquire high-ranking backlinks from related blogs and content distributors, as well as highly valuable social shares. This process was then repeated on a monthly basis. On average, our team was able to secure 18 pieces of coverage with an online readership of over 300,000, over 200 social shares, and an average of 19 links from coverage.

Increase in Organic Transactions


Increase in Positions 1-3


Increase in Positions 4-10




Overall, this was a very successful initiative for the company. In addition to increasing organic revenue by over 700% YOY, we also helped to increase its external backlinks (by 414% since Visiture management began) and referring domains (by 139% since management began).

We have seen numerous improvements in its search engine marketing results. Through our partnership over the past two years, we saw a long-time eCommerce merchant not only recover lost rankings but also obtain new high organic search rankings, which helped it to acquire new customers and increase the company’s revenue.

Data Driven Marketing + Creative Commerce = Results.

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