High Museum of Art in Atlanta Case Study.

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The Project.

Visiture teamed with The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia to promote and attract visitors for the museum’s “Dalí: The Late Work” and “Titian and the Golden Age of Venetian Painting” exhibits through search engine marketing campaigns.

High Museum Atlanta
High Museum Atlanta Campaign Goals

Campaign Strategy & Goals.

The goals for the search engine advertising campaigns were to cost- effectively promote awareness, attract visitors and sell tickets for the two featured exhibitions. We ran search engine advertising campaigns across the Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook networks. Their keyword searches, location and interests targeted potential visitors.

The High Museum of Art Google Adwords “ Grants” account was used as much as possible to stay within the allotted budgets. Grants accounts can be given to non-profit organizations. Ad spend is free to the non-profits, but networks are limited and bids can be no higher than $1.

Success (ticket purchases and revenue) was measured down to the keyword and ad level through conversion tracking.

Process & Execution.

  • Extensive keyword and target audience research
  • Creation of Search Engine Marketing Campaigns
  • Specific campaigns, ad groups and ads reaching target geographic markets with potential customers viewing relevant content and searching for relevant search queries
  • Conversion tracking confirmation tests
  • Initiated “remarketing” campaigns: ads display on other sites for visitors who view select pages on the High Museum of Art website related to the exhibitions
  • Optimization of ads, keywords, placements bids and budgets to improve performance and click-through-rates to lower costs in the long run
  • Frequent meetings with the High Museum of Art marketing staff
  • Creation of custom reports to track success
High Museum Atlanta Process Execution
High Museum Atlanta Results

The Results.

  • July 1, 2010 – January 31, 2011

Direct Attribution

  • $6,503.66 in FREE Ad Spend (Google Adwords Grants account)
  • 2,200+ Ticket Sales
  • Cost per Acquisition: Under $5
  • Revenue per Acquisition: Greater than $40
  • ROI: 349%

Wisdom & Lessons

  • Never underestimate the power of an established brand or the importance brand consistency.
  • Utilizing Google Adwords Grants accounts is best done when competition for a group of keywords is lower, or when bids capped at $1 per click is as competitive as bids need to be.
  • Conversion rates are higher for active, search-based campaigns.

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