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The Project.

One of the leaders in the Health and Nutritional Supplements space approached Visiture to help increase their organic visibility in search engines.

The company retails more than 30,000 products and has over 3,000 categories, which made this project very large in scale. Our goal was to increase the overall organic visibility of the entire site, compared to focusing on specific categories or products.

Organic search had primarily been a small part of their website traffic makeup and for the most part, all of their organic search traffic was their brand name. Our goal was to increase the organic search traffic in order to create a new customer acquisition strategy for the company.

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What We Did.

Due to the size of the website, to increase their organic visibility, we needed to increase the link profile. The products and categories used all of the same content as other manufacturers and retailers, which made it all duplicate content.

The problem lies in that Google does not value duplicate content if other web pages have a stronger link profile to that page.

The only way to rank duplicate content for particular pages is to have high-quality links bringing up the link profile. Visiture put together a link acquisition plan and strategy and executed it throughout the campaign.

Results Achieved.

Increase in Keyword Rankings


Increase in Top 3 Positions in Google


Increase in Top 4-10 Positions in Google


On Page Strategy and Execution.

Writing Unique Content

When we first took over this project, the company was utilizing a service to write unique product descriptions. Although this is considered a “best SEO practice,” it was not helping as much as it should from their capital investment.

We stopped this service as no signs pointed to it providing an ROI to save their investment in SEO.

Nonexistent Meta Information

The meta titles and descriptions for each category page were nonexistent and not unique. For each of their categories and brands, we wrote unique meta titles and descriptions for each and then placed on the website.

Site Structure

Going through a full SEO technical assessment allowed us to uncover common SEO technical issues, such as site speed and tagging issues. We remedied these issues with their development partner, which allowed the site to be much more search engine friendly.

Off Page Tactics.

Editorial Content

Content creation and promotion is king of off page SEO. Our content strategists worked with their team to come up with compelling content that their target audience would love and identify with.

Our team then created this content and identified keyword relevant websites with a good DA to then pitch this content to. During this time, we were able to acquire high-quality placements using the content generated. We also saw a large increase from the AHREFs score, going from around 29 million to 6.9 million within a couple months.

Content Creation And Promotion

The second initiative was to create compelling on site content that would help to acquire high-quality backlinks. Our content strategist and outreach specialists worked with their team to come up with compelling content and then published to their blog.

We then promoted this content to writers who had written similar content. The results were outstanding and were able to garner high-quality backlinks and social media signals to the blog. We also included inner links to key category pages within the blogs, which allowed them to boost these pages up and achieve higher organic search positions.


As expected, the results for the company were outstanding. Over the course of one year running the campaign, we saw a steady and gradual increase in search traffic and sales.

Over the past 3-6 months, we saw the largest increases, which was mainly due to the backlink profile reaching new heights and spreading the authority throughout the site. Using SEMRush and Ahrefs we were able to see how the campaign performed, without giving away confidential data.

Using SEMRush we could see the total amount of keywords, which increased substantially. In November of 2015, we had 2,449 total keywords which has increased to 4,925 total keywords.

Also in November of 2015, 12 of their keywords were in the top 10 and by November 2016, 241 keywords were in the top 10. Ahrefs paints a similar picture in regards to estimated traffic and keywords ranking:

Health Nutritional Supplements Results
Health Nutritional Supplements

Lastly, we were able to correlate high-quality backlinks to the increased keyword rankings, traffic, and sales, because in Ahrefs we are able to see large increases in the “score” of the backlink profile.

This then correlated to the increases mentioned earlier. Overall, it was a successful campaign and the Visiture team continues to build off the success.

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