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GranQuartz: Industry Leading Stone Fabrication

GranQuartz is the largest distributor of stone fabrication tools, equipment and supplies in the United States. The company has fulfillment centers, retail stores, and mobile sales vehicles distributed across the US that allow them to bring customers the products they need when they need it. With nearly 40 years of industry experience and a knowledgeable staff of sales and technical support experts, GranQuartz is the trusted, well-established partner for stone fabrication professionals.


Navigating To Magento

To maintain their position as the market leader for stone fabrication products in the United States, GranQuartz partnered with Visiture and Magento Cloud to develop a world-class eCommerce website that delivers an unparalleled user-experience. Through the discovery process, GranQuartz identified Contract Pricing as a key feature required for their new website build. Contract Pricing allows GranQuartz's sales team to provide their most valuable customers with aggressive prices on their favorite products. Customers benefit from knowing that they can receive unbeatable pricing and superior technical support through

Although Magento provides a robust group pricing feature natively, where groups of customers can have special pricing for specific products, GranQuartz's pricing rules were much more sophisticated. Rather than deliver prices through pricing groups, GranQuartz delivers a unique, contract price for each customer and each SKU. With thousands of customers and thousands of SKUs available, there were millions of pricing combinations possible. Once tier pricing, promotions, and taxes were considered, fully leveraging Magento's native pricing engine would not be possible.


Prioritizing Site Pricing Capabilities

Fortunately, Magento Cloud’s highly flexible platform could be enhanced to achieve GranQuartz’s requirements. Visiture’s development team determined that storing millions of combinations of prices on the web server would negatively affect site performance and be detrimental to the shopping experience. As a result, Visiture architected all pricing rules, including tier pricing and promotion, to be managed and stored by GranQuartz’s ERP system, Epicor.

To handle Magento’s requirement for defined prices for each product, Visiture and GranQuartz worked together to define a retail profile within the Epicor pricing engine. Using this retail profile, the Magento Cloud website updates stored prices nightly, providing customers with up-to-date retail prices.



To access contract pricing, customers must log in to Magento using their credentials. Upon login and upon page load, Magento leverages a custom-built API to retrieve contract pricing based on the customer’s profile and visible products. Having prices update on-demand in small batches based on viewed pages allowed Visiture to preserve site speed and deliver an exceptional user experience despite the incredible amount of data that needed to be accessed.


Updated Site Performance and Pricing.

GranQuartz successfully launched their new website in Q1 of 2019. Today, stone fabrication professionals continue to find competitive pricing and exceptional technical support through GranQuartz’s industry leading team and technology.

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