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The Project.

Throughout the years, they were losing organic rankings to their competitors and other various sites.

Our goal was to return them back to their prominent placements in Google search results for their main keyword phrases, and in turn, increase their organic search traffic and conversions.

Google Penalty Recover
Google Penalty Recovery What We Did

What We Did.

We first identified their backlink profile was spammed to extreme levels by Chinese Directories, so we disavowed all of those links and helped remove them.

We then optimized their website using our on page SEO process.

On Page Tactics.

Under Optimize

We identified the website needed to be under optimized in the sense we needed to remove keyword phrases, as they were used too many times on the webpage.

Meta Titles

The meta tags had the keyword phrase and individual keywords used too many times in the different line items.

Site Structure

The site structure was one layer deep, which did not allow the search engines to understand how everything supports each other and inner links to each other.

Off Page Tactics.

We also identified their backlink profile needed more authority from high page ranking domains. We attacked the situation from two angles:

Content Research

The first was content creation and outreach. We researched their industry and found the most popular content. We realized it was not very specific information regarding his business. It was “do-it-yourself” projects with Wood Pallets. So, we created a large blog piece about the 30 best ways to use your Wood Pallets. This involved using them for making wine racks, shoe racks, beds, furniture, and more. The results were great we were able to achieve 20 high page ranking domain backlinks from various guest blogs on some popular content distributors, in addition to over 100 social shares.

Paid Media

The second part was leveraging paid media to achieve high PR backlinks from very unique high powered sources that his competitors were not using. We also looked at his chief competitor, Uline, and were able to reverse engineer them. We looked at Uline’s backlink profile regarding the same pages that were ranking for the keyword phrases we wanted to achieve and were able to identify their best backlinks. We took this list and used our outreach ability to get our client featured in the same places, ultimately giving him the same boost as those Uline pages were able to receive.

The Results.

The results were amazing. Their average Google position went from a 104 (meaning the average of where they rank in Google for the phrases we choose which was 140) and were able to get them to a 14 average position in Google within 3 months.
In addition to Uline being a competitor, there are many niche companies focusing on one area, so they use domains such as,, or We were able to achieve first page rankings for the majority of the keyword phrases we targeted (140) and the vast majority compete with these niche companies.

Google Penalty Recovery Results


Our business relies on our web presence to bring in new customers every day, we’re almost entirely web based and rely on our internet presence to generate leads. However, we found ourselves punished during Google Panda Update and that algorithm penalty all but dropped our site from ranking in the first 10 pages of Google. Our site went from positions 1-3 on almost all of our desired search terms to Page 10 or even further back. Our organic traffic from Google subsequently dropped by 70%!

In order to rectify the situation, we found an SEO firm in California who said they could fix the issue. After some $36,000+ spent with that firm, we saw no recovery after a year of their efforts.

Thank goodness we found Ronald and his team right here in Atlanta.

After 3 months of diligent work from Ronald, we’re seeing recovery and can now be found on Page 1 of Google’s organic rankings again! We’re seeing a large pop in traffic & leads, and I expect, now that we’re on the right track, we’ll get back to where we were before the penalty.

We had a tricky situation, thankfully Ronald knew how to handle it and stayed on top of the issue and gave regular updates on the project status.

He’s really top notch, I can’t thank them enough, our business is now poised for growth once again, thank goodness, that’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

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