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The Project.

Golf Cart King is one of the leading providers of premium-quality golf cart parts and accessories nationwide. After moving to BigCommerce, the company wanted to focus more on earning organic search engine traffic due to the tremendous amount of searchers and the need to capture more customers through this channel.

After evaluating vendors, Golf Cart King chose Visiture to work with their team in order achieve higher rankings in Google in hopes of acquiring customers searching for their products.

Golf Cart King Home Page
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What We Did.

When Visiture took on this project, the company had satisfactory technical on-page SEO due to their BigCommerce platform. However, their backlink profile was very weak and they had numerous categories with very thin content.

In addition, our team noted several technical SEO issues as well. It was also noted that they were decreasing for rankings in Google at a slow pace month over month.

Results Achieved.

Increase in Keyword Rankings


Increase in Top 3 Positions in Google


Increase in Top 4-10 Positions in Google


Golf Cart King Image 2

Our Tactics.

Several pages on the company’s site had over-optimized content. From a past SEO vendor, they had been stuffing keywords in their content.

Our team quickly remedied this issue by under-optimizing their content, in addition to writing unique meta titles and descriptions.

On-Page Strategy and Execution.

Meta Information

The company’s meta titles and descriptions had been dynamically created. Some pages meta information did not make sense or target the right phrases.

For instance, the “Accessories” page just said “Accessories” which is not a best practice in SEO. Instead, we thought it would be best to read “Golf Cart Accessories”. Through our keyword research, our team went in and wrote unique meta titles and descriptions for each category page.

Technical Issues

After identifying several technical issues with the site, Visiture worked with Golf Cart King’s development team to rectify the issues, such as text wrapping and putting H2 tags over the H1 tags.

Off-Page Tactics.

Our team identified their backlink profile needed more authority from high page ranking domains.

Currently, they were 30 million in Ahrefs, which was far too low for a business of their size. We used two main tactics to gain authority to their site.

Editorial Content

The first strategy that we used to help gain authority to their site was content creation and outreach. Our team researched their industry and found the most popular content.

We found different golf-related websites and wrote specific, timely content centered around golf and tied in their product offering. Our outreach specialists then worked with bloggers and built relationships to acquire placements on their websites.

Through this endeavor, we were able to get high page ranking domain backlinks from various golf-related blogs on some popular content distributors, in addition to highly valuable social shares.

Paid Media

The second initiative was to create compelling on-site content in order to acquire high-quality backlinks to their on-site content.

Our content strategists and outreach specialists worked with their team to come up with compelling content which was then published to their blog. Afterwards, our outreach specialists promoted this content to writers who had written similar content.

The results for this initiative were outstanding. We were able to garner high-quality backlinks and social media signals to the blog. Also, within the blogs, there were inner links to key category pages which allowed them to boost these pages up and achieve higher organic search positions.


Overall, the results that we were able to achieve for Golf Cart Kings were astounding.

The company’s keyword rankings continued to increase over the course of four months. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their business and the seasonality, we couldn’t look at month over month search engine traffic because it would be a poor correlation.

However, looking at overall keyword rankings in organic search was a great way to measure success. Using SEMRush we could see a large increase in their “estimated” traffic coming from organic search.

We started around the red dot below and after 4-5 months we saw large increases in organic search engine traffic and visibility.

Golf Kart King Results
Golf Kart King Results Graph

In looking at their backlink profile, we saw large gains there as well. Being in eCommerce, it can be difficult to acquire links to categories and products. However, through our strategies, we were able to acquire these links. In Ahrefs saw leaps in the quality of the backlink profile, which in turn correlates to our increase in organic search engine rankings. In short, higher quality links equated to higher positions in organic search.

Finally, another data source showed similar success. Ahrefs data source showed a large increase in estimated traffic and rankings in Google. Overall, this was a very successful campaign, and only 8 months long. We have positioned Golf Cart King for long-term success and growth when it comes to organic search engine traffic.

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