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The Project.

Glamorise is an industry leader in creating bras for full-figured women. Since 1921, the company has been dedicated to making the best-fitting and most comfortable bras for women with full figures.

Glamorise designs its own products, sources its own materials, and manufactures its own products. Not only that, but the bras are fitted on real models. This difference in quality means there is no cheating in grade or fit.

In 1975, Glamorise created the world’s first sports bra, the Tennis Bra, to help provide comfort for female athletes. The sports bra industry remained small for a while, as retailers were not ready to accept sports bras as a category.

Glamorise Project
Glamorise Product

A few years later, an explosion in jogging and running established the industry as we know it today. Thus, Glamorise Sport was born to offer women modern sports bras for all different kinds of activities.

In 2015, the company launched its first new independent brand from Glamorise—Bramour, a luxury brand exclusively designed for full-figured women. The idea behind Bramour was simple—that intimate apparel should be intimate.

Bramour now features a beautiful collection of bras that are sophisticated, luxurious, and comfortable.

Glamorise Website

The Challenge.

Glamorise is a well-established brand in its market, but the company knew that it wanted to take back into its hands some of the control over the brand. It had been selling wholesale to all major online lingerie stores, but never reached the consumers themselves.

Therefore, in 2012, the company decided to take its product direct-to-consumer with the help of an eCommerce site.

With the help of Nano Web Group, the company launched eCommerce sites for its portfolio of brands. With its new sites in place, the company knew it needed to start marketing the brands to bring in traffic. That’s when Glamorise called us.

glamorise cs image
Glamorise 2

Our Tactics and Goals.

With the portfolio of brands, our team knew there were a lot of possibilities to be had in this project. However, we also saw many issues right out of the gate. Our first mission was to help the company differentiate between its brands.

Prior to our management, the company competed with itself for certain keyword phrases. We worked with the company to brand each of its brands effectively and separately in the search results. We then moved on to our bread and butter—paid search and organic search.

Paid Search.

For our paid search efforts, our team had an ROAS goal of $3.33 that we knew we had to meet.

We started with restructuring the company’s paid search accounts. Our paid search team created a whole new account structure that utilized all AdWords match types according to Visiture’s best practices.

We then worked to implement all new search advertising efforts. We implemented new display campaigns and new shopping campaigns. We also went in and did a full optimization of the company’s Google Shopping feed, to create cleaner feeds.

Glamorise Paid Search

Increase in ROAS YOY


Increase in Revenue YOY


Increase in User Sessions


Increase in Conversions


Organic Search.

In our organic search efforts, we got started right away with technical and content audits across the board. We found several issues that needed immediate attention: We updated the company’s robots.txt file, corrected canonicalization issues, and created a 301-redirect map for 404 errors.

We also found that the company had a lot of duplicate meta descriptions that were hurting its results. Our content team then wrote unique meta descriptions for these duplicate issues. After this was accomplished, we turned to optimizing its category pages with our up-to-date best practices.

Glamorise Organic Search
glamorise cs image

After most of the company’s on-page optimization was complete, we started to focus on creating new content for it. Our content strategists worked on creating editorial content for the company’s blog, as well as adding resource pages to its sites.

In addition, we also created editorial pieces that we pitched to external sites for placement. Our outreach specialists worked on getting high domain authority relationships with other sites to earn the company quality backlinks.

We found this piece of the strategy to be particularly effective. On average, we attained 19 pieces of coverage for Glamorise, with those sites having over one million visits. These pieces of coverage also garnered, on average, 106 social shares and 23 links from coverage.

Organic Search Results.

Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Keywords


Increase in Organic Visits


Increase in Backlinks


Increase in Organic Users



Overall, this has been a very successful campaign for Glamorise’s portfolio of brands.

Not only have we been able to increase its revenue by 167%, but the real impressive part is that we’re just getting started in helping Glamorise fulfill its mission.

The strategies that we have implemented through our efforts are designed to continually improve the company’s search marketing efforts.

Glamorise Bra

"Visiture has been a true partner from the beginning. Their expertise in PPC and immediate results that translated into increased revenue convinced us to also work with them for SEO. This decision paid off immediately and organic search is now our number one channel which generates the most users and revenue. The team we work with at Visiture is extremely efficient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Visiture to anyone that is looking to improve their search engine marketing." 

Angela Martin-Fehr

VP of Marketing at Glamorise

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