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Gerber Childrenswear: Anything for Baby

With a company history spanning almost a century, Gerber Childrenswear is a staple in the infant and toddler space. The company is the leading marketer of infant and toddler apparel and related children's products in the marketplace, which it offers under its flagship licensed brand, Gerber. In addition, Gerber Childrenswear is also a leading provider of their products to volume retailers, as well as department and speciality stores.

Through their commitment to producing excellent infant and toddler merchandise, the company has remained a constant guiding force for their industry. Today, they are as dedicated to the well-being of babies all over the world as they were at their inception in 1928, and will be for years to come.


Taking a 100-Year Old Brand Direct to Consumer

Gerber has been a longstanding household name when referencing children's products, with one of the most iconic brand logos out there. However, this level of global recognition did not translate over to the Gerber Childrenswear's eCommerce site. While the company was consistently selling their products to many of the world's largest retailers, their direct to consumer channel received minimal traffic and products were not moving.

To address this concern, the company seized an opportunity to pivot and overhaul their direct to consumer business. Beginning with upgrading their eCommerce platform to Shopify Plus, they also implemented a complete website redesign to focus on the user experience. Once the process was underway, Gerber Childrenswear realized they needed to go further than a website redesign to drive quality traffic to the site. Their previous search marketing agency lacked experience in the eCommerce landscape, and it was ineffective in helping the company compete in this highly competitive landscape, Consequently, their website design studio recommended Visiture to help the company with both their site migration and their future search marketing campaigns.


We knew that if we wanted to be successful in our direct-to-consumer business, we had to invest in driving quality traffic to our new site.

Todd Wilson
Vice President of eCommerce


Using Paid and Organic Strategies to Drive Traffic

Going into our partnership, Gerber Childrenswear had lofty goals for their direct to consumer channel. They needed to drive not only traffic and visitors to the site, but also increase conversions and sales. After a thorough audit of their digital marketing channels, our team recommended a combination of SEO and Content Marketing, Paid Search and Shopping, and Paid Social to help them bring in traffic and convert this traffic into customers.

SEO & Content Marketing

Our initiative with the company began with completing their SEO site migration. Our SEO teams worked with their development arm to ensure a smooth transition to their new Shopify Plus site, and allowed their data to migrate successfully. Once their new site was established, our teams then worked on optimizing other aspects of the site with SEO best practices - including reworking URL structures, meta titles and descriptions, and adding body content to category pages.

Additionally, we worked with Gerber Childrenswear to implement a content marketing strategy that consisted of both on-site and off-site content in order to help the company rank for research queries and increase their backlink profile. The on-site content was crafted through our keyword research to meet consumer search patterns and placed on the company's blog with a strong inner linking strategy to their category and product pages. Our content team also produced off-site content that would resonate with the company's target audience, and then pitched these pieces to external sites with a high domain authority and relevance to increase backlinks and diversity the company's profile.

Gerber Childrenswear screenshot

These SEO and Content Marketing initiatives resulted in:


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Organic Transactions


Increase in Organic Sessions

Paid Search + Shopping

For their paid search and shopping efforts, Gerber Childrenswear outlined several initial goals - to reduce wasted spend, drive higher customer acquisition, and increase their revenue from these channels. After their site was fully transitioned to Shopify Plus in Q4 of 2018, our Paid Media team analyzed their channels and put together a comprehensive paid search and shopping strategy for the company that included utilizing both Google and Bing, as well as retargeting ads. We started by ensuring the company's conversion tracking was properly set up and executing accurately. The team then focused on expanding the company's exposure in both Google and Bing Shopping by optimizing their product data and feed. Additionally, we restructured the company's account through the inclusion of granular search campaigns around Gerber-branded keywords.

Our Paid Media team also recommended that the company utilize Google's Smart Shopping campaigns. We felt the automation technology in Smart Shopping would enable the company to compete at an equal level against the large volume retailers who carried and advertised their same products, but who had much higher ad budgets. Since the implementation of these campaigns. the Smart Shopping campaigns have outperformed their traditional Google Shopping campaigns and have allowed the company to remain competitive in the dense advertising space. In addition, this success also translated to other smart bidding strategies for the company on select non-brand Google search campaigns that were previously not profitable for the company.

gerber paid search social

As a result of these actions, the company saw the following results in their Paid Search + Shopping channels:


Increase in Paid Revenue


Increase in Paid Impressions


Increase in Paid Users


Increase in Paid Conversions

Paid Social

Prior to our partnership, Gerber Childrenswear had experienced minimal success with their social advertising, and ultimately needed more strategic management that aligned with their overall direct to consumer goals. Our first objective was to complete a detailed audit of their paid social channels. In doing so, we identified several key areas for improvement.

For example, a majority of the company's ad campaigns were being optimized for the traffic objective, but not for actual conversions on their site. In addition, there were too many campaigns running and too few creatives within ad sets. Under these circumstances, the company was reducing the ability of Facebook's algorithm to optimize these effectively and therefore risked ad fatigue.

Our Social team focused on restructuring the company's accounts, concentrating on organizing campaigns by choosing objectives gives that would drive the company closer to their goals, target relevant audiences, and diversify creative assets. To ensure we targeted more segmented audiences, we made clear distinctions between prospecting and retargeting audiences, breaking each type of audience into more granular audience segments, while excluding one audience from the other. Additionally, we diversified their creative by placing a maximum of 5 ads in each ad set with unique ad copy. Our team then tested which ad copy and images performed best, using this data as a model for future ads.

Gerber Social ADs

As a result of these actions, Gerber Childrenswear saw tremendous gains in their paid social efforts over the past year, including:


Increase in Paid Social


Increase in Paid Social


Decrease in Paid Social
Cost per Sale


Decrease in Paid Social


Increased Direct to Consumer Performance

By overhauling their direct to consumer channel and approach, Gerber Childrenswear was able to dramatically increase their sales and revenue. With each of these digital marketing strategies working in conjunction for the company, they offered a varied solution to the company's comprehensive eCommerce goals.


See what Todd Wilson, VP of eCommerce at Gerber Childrenswear, had to say about working with Visiture!

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