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The Project.

Factory Direct Blinds has been the leading retailer of custom blinds and shades at discounted prices for more than 25 years. With a massive online store offering, Factory Direct Blinds offers customers the absolute best pricing on designer-like blinds with a variety of features such as top down, bottom up, cordless, blackout and more.

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The Challenge.

Prior to our engagement, Factory Direct Blinds worked with a different SEO agency in orders to increase their keyword rankings and organic traffic.

However, they were not seeing the results that they wanted for their organic search efforts. The company knew how important organic rankings are in the eCommerce industry, so they reached out to Visiture to take over management of their organic search efforts.

Goals and Tactics.

One of our first initiatives on this account was to conduct a personalized interview with their internal team in order to better understand their needs and the unique characteristics of their business.

Through this discovery process, we were able to identify issues within their industry and create a solid strategy that directly addressed those obstacles. This helped to shape our content initiatives and determine
which keywords were most critical to focus on for their business.

We knew that rankings and traffic were the two most important goals for this account. In order for us to deliver great results, we broke the project down into two sections: technical SEO and content marketing.

1. Technical SEO

The first thing that our technical team did was conduct a thorough audit of their website. Through this assessment, we identified several significant areas for improvement. We worked with the company to fix any broken links on the site, as well as working on disavowing toxic links to the site. Then, we ensured that the anchor text was optimized for user experience rather than highlighting isolated keywords. This tactic helped to increase click-through rate and reduce bounce rate.

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2. Content Marketing

Our goal with Factory Direct Blinds content marketing was to get quality signals to the website through high-quality organic links and social media signals. Our first initiative was to do a thorough research of the industry and identify the best content centered around its product offering.

Once this research was complete, our content strategists went to work with the internal team at Factory Direct Blinds to create compelling content that would resonate with the company’s target audience. We focused on producing specific, timely content that was centered around the company’s industry and tied in with its product offerings.

After the content was created, our outreach specialists worked on pitching it to key websites with high keyword relevance, domain authority, and social media influence. This process was then repeated monthly. During this time, we were able to acquire high-quality placements using the content generated. On average, our team was able to secure 16 pieces of coverage with an average DA of over 38 and 23 links from coverage with over 389 social shares.


As a result of these actions, Factory Direct Blinds saw tremendous gains in the last year, including:


Increase in Keywords



Increase in Organic Traffic



Increase in Organic Revenue



Increase in Organic Transactions



This has been a successful partnership for both Factory Direct Blinds and Visiture. In addition to increasing their organic revenue by 86%, we also increased their organic transactions by 66%.

In addition to metrics, we also gave Factory Direct Blinds one of their biggest wishes – a long term partner for organic search.

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