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The Project.

eKnives has been a leading online retailer of custom high-end production and custom knives since 2011. When first starting, the company had zero to very little presence in Google’s organic search. Since their products (knives) violated Google’s advertising policies, their customer acquisition channels were quite limited.

However, there was a very high demand for their products. Thousands of people were searching Google for their products. In fact, for their Microtech brand line, there were over 15,000 people searching. eKnives brought on Visiture to increase their organic search engine rankings in order to acquire more customers through that channel.


Results Achieved.

Increase in Search Engine Traffic


Increase in Revenue from Search Engine Traffic


Increase in Referring Domains


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Our Tactics and Goals.

Visiture used two phases of search engine optimization in order to achieve these results. The first was on-page optimization, where we optimized the current web pages for users, which Google favors. The second was off-page optimization, where we optimized for external factors, such as backlinks and social media signals.

During the on-page phase, Visiture did a full sweep on keyword research. Based on that information, we rewrote all of the meta tags for their largest categories with thin meta information on each page.

Once implemented, we were able to see serious gains from the effects of unique meta information on category pages. We also worked on an in-depth technical audit, which the company was able to implement, correcting the problems during their next website version.

Content Marketing for Off-Page Success.

Once the on-page optimization was rectified, the Visiture team worked on creating compelling content to pitch to various websites with a high keyword relevance to eKnives.com.

This created high-quality inbound links that pointed to eKnives and raised the relevance of all of their pages across the board. The Microtech category pages were most greatly affected, given the largest jump in keyword rankings.

Naturally, these pages also brought in some of the largest jumps in revenue from organic search engines.

eKnives Image 2

Increase in Keyword Rankings in Google


Increase in Traffic to Microtech Page


Increase in Revenue for Microtech Products


Increase in Total Sales



After reviewing the data, we classified this project as a huge success. Having a strong backlink profile with the right on-page optimization is a winning recipe in Google’s algorithm.

We could see that CTAs implemented with meta information and a good content creation and promotion program helped to lift the keyword rankings across the board, which then turned into additional revenue and traffic from search engines.

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Data Driven Marketing + Creative Commerce = Results.

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