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Dark Iron Fitness: Dependable Weightlifting Accessories

Based in Austin, Texas, Dark Iron Fitness is a retailer of dependable weightlifting accessories built for self-reliant athletes. Founded in 2015, the company found success selling their products through both their online retail store and on Amazon. They’ve generated over 9,000 5-star customer reviews on Amazon and continue to be recognized as a leader in weightlifting products.


Amazon Advertising


Leveraging Amazon for Greater eCommerce Success

Previously, Dark Iron Fitness had experienced tremendous growth on Amazon, however they had seen this plateau and knew they needed a more strategic partner to help them scale once again. The company had been managing their Amazon Advertising efforts in-house prior to our engagement, and knew that in order to harness the power of the platform, they needed someone who had the experience and expertise to better manage and optimize their advertising efforts in a way that would drive greater marketing efficiency. With this in mind, Dark Iron Fitness chose Visiture to manage their Amazon Advertising account.

"We needed a company who we could be confident in handling our Amazon advertising needs. After signing up with Visiture, it was immediately clear that we chose the right agency. Visiture has been very professional and easy to work with. More importantly, results speak louder than words and they have been able to create profitable advertising results for our company that we were missing out on."

Alan Hayden
Owner, Dark Iron Fitness


A Comprehensive Amazon Advertising Strategy

To kick off our partnership, our team started by diving into the company's background, competitive landscape, and their Amazon Advertising account. Through this analysis, we found a number of opportunities for improvement. While the overall need was more strategic management in general, we found three initial points of focus that we felt would transform the company's Amazon sales and conversions.

First, we completely rebuilt the account from scratch in order break out campaigns to feature brand vs. non-brand keywords. As an example, many competing products are either made of leather or synthetic materials. We built out campaigns that exclusively contained ‘Leather’ as a search modifier as well as campaigns that targeted other, non-leather terms. This type of structure allowed us to incrementally fund terms that are more relevant to user’s product searches, allowing us to better manage ad spend, categorical investments and ACoS.

Our next focus on was manual vs. automatic campaigns. Our new account structure worked to provide a level of manual control while utilizing automatic campaigns to collect data to target more specific keywords and ASIN searches for competitive products. While our manual campaigns provide the majority of revenue, our automatic campaigns continually feed us new data that we can use to target competitors, specific products, and identify new areas of opportunity.

Finally, we turned our attention to product vs. category targeting. We began targeting similar competitor products as a tactic to expand reach and further boost sales. Our product targeting initially started by selecting products which nearly mirrored the functionality of our clients' products. However, we expanded it to slightly lower-priced competitor products, gaining visibility among an audience who may spend slightly more to acquire a higher quality product and with better ratings. In addition, in Q4 of 2018, Amazon released the Beta version of category targeting. We’ve recently leveraged this tactic to further expand upper-funnel visibility while keeping efficiency top of mind.



Increased Amazon Performance

This has been a very successful partnership for Dark Iron Fitness and Visiture. In addition to delivering great results, Visiture also decreased the company’s cost per sale by 56% and boosted their click through rate by 100%. Due to the success of this venture, Dark Iron Fitness is eager to expand their Amazon Advertising to include more products, larger budgets and has renewed ambitions to be a larger player in the fitness category on Amazon. The company also saw:


Increase in ROAS


Decrease in ACoS


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Orders

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