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The Project.

Miami-based Curallux, LLC, is a leading ISO13485-certified US manufacturer of photobiomodulation* medical devices under the Capillus® and Curavi™ brands, introducing new, personal-use technological products and ancillary products to help people lead healthier lives.

Capillus laser light devices are FDA-cleared for the treatment of hair loss with clinically proven technology trusted by hair restoration physicians in their network worldwide. The company, which revolutionized the hair restoration industry, recently also entered the field of pain management with Curavi®, an effective non-pharmaceutical solution to treat pain with laser light.


*Photomodulation therapy is the medical application of laser science in a growing variety of medical disciplines to stimulate cellular function, rejuvenate tissue, promote healing, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.

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The Challenge.

Prior to our partnership, Curallux had already experienced rapid growth through the strength of demand and the quality of their products. They had accomplished some success with their search engine marketing efforts. However, the company had large goals and needed a digital marketing arm that could not only increase their traffic and sales but also expand their brand awareness and help establish their brand Capillus as the leader in the laser hair therapy industry.



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Our Tactics and Goals.

In April of 2019, Curallux brought on Visiture to manage their search engine marketing. The first phase started with paid search management to gain traction and secure some quick wins. Then, we engaged our SEO program to help the company increase their organic results as well.

Paid Search.

When we took over management of paid search efforts for Capillus, the first step was a thorough audit of their current accounts, including an examination of their historical data, extensive keyword research, competitive analysis, and industry research.


Armed with this information, we went to work restructuring the account with our best practices in order to ensure measurable results. We built out their search campaigns to perform well. Our team also implemented both standard and dynamic remarketing campaigns–which was a new strategy for Capillus. We then worked on making sure that device bid adjustments were used across all accounts. In addition, we worked with their internal team to create a competitor campaign, as well as build out non-branded campaigns.

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Organic Search.

Our SEO team identified three main goals for their marketing: bring in more organic traffic, increase the revenue coming from their organic traffic, and establish Capillus as the leader in the industry. Our first initiative was to complete this research—including a backlink audit, competitive analysis, a thorough technical audit of their site, keyword research, and prospect opportunities.


With this research complete, our teams used this information to create a tailored SEO program consisting of on-page optimization, blog content, and editorial content. We worked with their internal teams to optimize their existing pages with our best practices. We also helped them rewrite and optimize their titles, meta titles, meta descriptions, and URLs.



Our content team then started working with Curallux to create content both on-site and off-site that would drive backlinks and rank for research queries. The on-site editorial content was placed on the company’s Capillus brand blog, incorporating a strong inner linking strategy to both their category and product pages. To complete the cycle, the off-site content was pitched to external sites that had a high domain authority and relevance in the industry.

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Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Top 3 Keywords


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Paid Revenue


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