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In 1932, W.E. Carter, along with T. Neil Jones, founded the Carter Jones Lumber Company in Akron, Ohio.
During our company’s growth, Carter Lumber maintains hometown values by continuing to operate on the founding principles set down by W.E. Carter: There is nothing more important than hard work, dedication and customer service. Today Carter Lumber remains committed to this philosophy.

Carter Lumber is one of the nation’s top building materials retailers with 146 locations in 12 states. More than just a lumberyard, the Carter Lumber family of companies is dedicated to providing builders and do-it-yourselfers with a broad range of quality building materials and exceptional customer service.

Carter Lumber was looking to build a state-of-the-art construction commerce site that included a multiple location quotation system on the Magento Enterprise Platform.

Carter Lumber project
Carter Lumber project highlights

Project Highlights.

The site, built on the Magento Enterprise platform, is a full scale eCommerce site designed for contractors and homeowners alike to quote very detailed specifications about their building project.

The products each have their own quoting calculators as well as configuration tools to allow the consumer to do such things as estimate necessary square feet of material, volume of material, and secondary supplies for any job.


+28% Conversion Rate

The results were incredible. Not just from the consumers' perspective but there were many operation efficiencies created by streamlining the quoting process online for all the stores to use.

Quotes are routed appropriately now and available to any employee. In addition, the platform was extended to allow for HR functions to be performed via a single sign on from any location.

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