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The Project.

Bright Star Kids is a global company specializing in the production of children’s name labels, wall art, school supplies, clothing, and more. Founded in Australia in 2005 as a university project by Susan and Nigel Cooper, Bright Star Kids continues to focus on quality, durability, and excellent design. They have grown their product range to include a huge range of personalized products that are designed to be fun and colorful, but also extremely durable – perfect for life with kids!

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The Challenge.

Prior to our engagement, Bright Star Kids had no mentionable exposure in the US market. The company was looking to break into the international market and brought on Visiture to help them tackle the US Back-to-School season through advanced paid search campaigns. 

Our Tactics and Goals.


With the goal of breaking into the American market, together Visiture and Bright Star Kids set a ROAS goal of $2.20. We started with a deep dive into the client’s existing paid search accounts to gain a better understanding of how their campaigns had performed in the past.


During this audit, we found that the client’s Australian campaigns were not optimized correctly and quickly worked to stop the bleed on those campaigns. We then worked with the client to restructure those accounts to better perform towards their goals.




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Moving into the American market, we worked to significantly expand the client’s campaigns in preparation for the back to school season. We started by building campaigns for newer products that had been introduced. Then, we worked on improving the efficiency of existing campaigns by optimizing their targeting and settings to target relevant search traffic. We also updated their shopping feed to better optimize their Google Shopping campaigns to increase returns.


"The team at Visiture are very professional and have done an excellent job at bringing down our ad spend whilst increasing our revenue. They are very good at communicating and are always happy to test out new ideas when we ask them.”

Nigel Cooper

Owner of Bright Star Kids

Results Achieved.

Increase In Revenue


Increase in Conversions


Increase In Clicks


Increase in ROAS



As the results show, this was an extremely successful initiative for Bright Star Kids. Not only did they increase their revenue by over 2,000 percent, they also gained a presence in the US market during the back to school season that barely existed before. With this success under our belts, Visiture is also working with Bright Star Kids to move into the UK market and optimize their previous campaigns for the Australian and Singapore markets.

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