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Project Challenge.

For over 21 years, has been a leading retailer in the orthopedic brace industry. As one of the first major players in the eCommerce space selling orthopedic braces, organic search was a very important customer acquisition strategy for the company.

Over the years, they saw their key positions in Google, such as for “knee braces” and other relevant keywords, begin to decline. Since “knee braces” receives over 74,000 searches a month, it is a very valuable and rewarding keyword to be in the top position for.

Visiture was brought on and tasked with not only recovering these keywords in order to help the company turn around their positions in Google, but also to acquire new customers to grow the business.

Braceshop Project
What We Did Braceshop

What We Did.

Due to the size of the website, we needed to increase the link profile in order to increase their organic visibility. The products and categories used the same content as other manufacturers and retailers, which made it duplicate content in the eyes of Google. This is a problem because Google does not value duplicate content if other web pages have a stronger link profile to that page. The only way to rank duplicate content for particular pages is to have high-quality links bringing up the link profile. Visiture put together a link acquisition plan and strategy, and executed it through the campaign. is a very large retailer with hundreds of categories, thousands of SKUs, and multiple sites. After reviewing all of their information, we identified the following as the main issues.

Overoptimization of meta information, such as the title and description, as well as the content on the actual category pages. This created a Panda penalty, which made Google devalue the site, knowing that the content was written with the purpose of making them rank higher.

Overoptimized outdated links, affiliate links and the lack of any high-quality backlinks. These three factors gave a low-quality score in the Penguin algorithm and therefore pushed them down the rankings because of it.

Visiture was tasked with correcting this over the course of eight months.

Braceshop What We Did

Results Achieved.

Increase in Keyword Rankings


Increase in Top 3 Positions in Google


Increase in Top 4-10 Positions in Google


On-Page Strategy and Execution.

Overoptimization Of Content

When Visiture was brought on, we noticed that was using meta tag information, content and description on category pages, which were too overoptimized for modern search engines. Since category pages were one of the biggest sources of organic search traffic for the retailer, this was a main point of focus. Visiture worked to create accurate keyword research and based on this data, optimized meta information and content for the category pages.


During this time, was undergoing a website migration. Visiture was tasked with undergoing a website migration consulting initiative. We went through our proprietary checklist to make sure nothing would cause a drop in rankings through the migration. We also provided a complete 301 redirect map, and consulted with the company after the migration was completed to make sure everything was successful.

Off-Page Strategy and Execution.

Content Marketing

Content creation and promotion is the king of quality link acquisition for eCommerce in today’s market. Visiture worked to acquire quality backlinks from two different ways – on-site content and off-site content. For off-site content, we created editorial articles and pitched them to relevant sites with a high domain authority and keyword relevance. The second effort was to create power page content and promote it to the right content editors. Over the course of the seven-month engagement, we saw the link profile rise from a 2.8 million Ahrefs score to a 1.4 million, which correlated with an increase in keyword rankings.

Overoptimization of the Link Profile

When came to us they had a lot of issues with the link profile. In addition to a lack of high-quality links they had a lot of affiliate links which were “helping” them but they shouldn’t have been all along. When they discontinued the relationship with the affiliate links, the link profile dropped. Visiture worked to disavow all of the low-quality links, fix the broken links, and 301 redirected the other sites to which strengthened the link profile and helped us to see increases.

The Results.

Over the course of seven months that we were running the campaign, we saw a steady and gradual increase in organic search traffic and revenue, compared to year over year statistics.

We were able to see large increases in keyword rankings across the board, but the biggest accomplishment was going from the 24th position to a top 4 position for the phrase “knee braces,” which as we already stated produces over 74,000 monthly searches.

Using SEMRush and Ahrefs, we were able to see how the campaign performed, without giving away confidential data. In SEMRush we saw a large increase in the amount of keywords that the company ranked for and the amount of estimated traffic over the course of two years.

Ahrefs paints a similar picture in regards to estimated traffic and keywords ranking:

Braceshop Results
Braceshop Results

Also, using SEMRush, we could see the total amount of keywords, which increased substantially. In August of 2016, we had 11,268 total keywords, which have increased to 17,943 total keywords as of January 2017. Also in August of 2016, 381 of their keywords were in the top 3 and by January 2017, 1,421 keywords were in the top 3.

Lastly, we were able to correlate high-quality backlinks to the increased keyword rankings, traffic, and sales, because in Ahrefs we are able to see large increases in the “score” of the backlink profile.

This then correlated to the increases mentioned earlier. Overall, it was a successful campaign and the Visiture team is continuing to build off the success.

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