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The Project.

Beads of Cambay is one of the largest retailers of wholesale jewelry, making beads and other jewelry supplies.

Beads of Cambay was looking to increase its organic search engine presence in order to acquire additional customers. Visiture was tasked with increasing its webpage’s positions in the organic search engines.

Working with the Beads of Cambay team, Visiture was able to identify key websites to gain inbound links back to the company’s site. Visiture also worked closely with the team to optimize the company’s current site. Below is what was achieved.

Beads of Cambay Home Page

Results Achieved.

Increase in Search Engine Rankings (YOY)


Increase in Traffic from Search Engines (YOY)


Increase in Revenue from Search Engines (YOY)


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Content Marketing for Off-Page Success.

Visiture worked with the Beads of Cambay team to develop high-quality content and pitched this content to other websites to take. This created high-quality inbound links pointing to Beads of Cambay’s popular products and categories, which, in turn, gave them more authority to Google.

Visiture also worked to create blog content using content research, and then promoted it to top influencers in the market. This content continued to build up high-quality inbound links, and the domain authority rose for Beads of Cambay. In turn, this increased their position in organic search engines and drove their sales and traffic up.

Million Jump in Ahrefs Rank


Increase in SEMRush Estimated Traffic


Increase in Ahrefs Estimated Traffic


Increase in Ahrefs Keyword Rankings Database



After reviewing the numbers, we determined this project was a success.

The strategies and results support a strong organic search engine strategy, which involves proper on-page optimization and an effective off-page optimization strategy.

Acquiring high-quality inbound links and optimizing web pages for the user is always a successful search engine optimization campaign.

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Data Driven Marketing + Creative Commerce = Results.

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