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The Project.

BARK was founded in 2012 with its monthly dog subscription service, BarkBox. After crazy success with its subscription service, the company launched in 2014 as a way to sell its BARK dog collections to consumers without the monthly subscription service.

This includes dog toys, beds, treats, accessories, and more. Today, the company has shipped over 40 million toys and treats.

Barkshop Project

The Results.

Not only were we able to increase their total keywords by 172%, we were able to get BarkShop in the #1 rank for Dog Toys which has over 45,000 monthly searches.

Increase in Total Keywords


Increase in Organic Search Traffic


Increase in Organic Revenue


Increase in Positions 1-3


Increase in Total Revenue


Increase in Organic Transactions


Our Tactics and Goals.

Baked into Visiture’s culture is a need for continuous improvement. We understand that a profitable and sustainable SEO program requires constant attention and deep analysis.

We broke down this project into two phases of search engine optimization—technical SEO optimization and content marketing.

While our content team was performing exhaustive keyword and competitive analysis, our technical SEO team completed numerous audits to ensure that our onsite strategy complemented our offsite wins.

Tactics and Goals
Barkshop Technical SEO

Technical SEO.

Through our initial SEO technical assessment, we were able to unearth massive issues with keyword cannibalization—the ability of search engines to crawl and understand BarkShop’s website—and structured data opportunities. We performed an intensive keyword research in order to better understand the search landscape and find correct keyword phrases for the company’s search initiatives to target.

We also discovered that many of the company’s top-level category pages, which are often the most valuable, were not displaying high in Google’s index. We worked with the company’s development arm to revise page titles and content in order to increase structural SEO. We also reworked meta information to increase the click-through rate on search listings and increase indexing.

Another big issue that we found during our technical assessment was the company’s poor site speed, especially when it came to mobile.

Our team again worked with the company’s development arm to improve site speed through various best practices, including compressing images.

The resolution of these major issues helped users and search engines better understand and navigate the website. This led to an increase in click-through rates on search listings, better keyword rankings, and, ultimately, more revenue for the brand.

From a technical perspective, Visiture was able to untangle link paths, correctly associate the right content with the searcher’s intent, and provide monthly technical recommendations that helped BarkShop gain more online visibility.

We’re always striving to operate with a proactive, forward-thinking SEO strategy, and BarkShop’s willingness to implement our recommendations quickly and effectively has been one of the factors in its organic success.


Content Marketing.

Our goal with BarkShop’s content marketing was to get quality signals to its website through high-quality organic links and social media signals. Our first initiative was to do a thorough research of the industry and identify the best content centered around its product offering.

Once this research was complete, our content strategists went to work with BarkShop’s internal team, creating compelling content that would resonate with the company’s target audience. We focused this on its specific, timely content that was centered around the company’s industry and tied in with its product offerings.

After the content was created, our outreach specialists worked on pitching it to key websites with high keyword relevance, domain authority, and social media influence. This process was then repeated monthly. During this time, we were able to acquire high-quality placements using the content generated. On average, our team was able to secure six pieces of coverage with an average online readership of over 200,000 and an average of 14 links from coverage.

Content Marketing


Overall, this was a very successful initiative for BarkShop and Visiture’s SEO team.

In addition to increasing the company’s organic revenue by 35% in just six months, we also helped to increase its backlinks by 182% (since management began), increased keywords in positions 4-10 in Google by 208%, and increased its referring domains by 17%.

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