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Project Challenge.

Air Sea Containers is a packaging business specializing in hazardous materials. Started in Miami, Florida, it is a family-owned operation that has been in business for over 25 years.

Before partnering with Visiture, the company had not dived into search marketing properly. Previous companies that it had worked with had not delivered what had been promised and its overall experience with SEM was not positive.

It had experienced significant revenue decreases with increased budgets, and Visiture was brought on to increase the company’s search traffic in order to generate more sales. We did this through the implementation of paid and organic search strategies.

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Results Achieved.

Increase Organic Traffic (YOY)


Increased in ROAS (YOY)


Increased in Revenue (YOY)


Our Tactics and Goals – SEO.

Visiture used two phases of search engine optimization in order to achieve results for Air Sea Containers—on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

For our on-page efforts, we first performed a detailed tech audit and uncovered technical deficiencies, which the company was able to rectify. We also did a full sweep on keyword research and found numerous categories with thin content.

With our research, our team was able to go in and rewrite unique content for each page. Once implemented, we were able to see significant gains for Air Sea Containers. Once the on-page optimization was rectified, our team then focused on off-page efforts. Our goal was to get quality signals to their website through high-quality organic links and social media signals.

For our first initiative, we performed a thorough analysis of the industry in order to identify the best content centered around its products.

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We then created high-quality content and pitched it to key websites with high keyword relevance, domain authority, and social media influence. This created high-quality inbound links that pointed back to Air Sea Containers and raised the relevance of all of its pages across the board.

In addition to this editorial content, we also worked on creating blog content for Air Sea Containers. Our content strategists and outreach specialists worked with their team to come up with compelling content and then published it to their blog. Next, we promoted this content to writers who had written similar content.

Our Goals and Tactics – Paid Search.

When our PPC team took over the Air Sea Containers account at the end of 2016, we referred to our agency’s best practices to restructure the account for better conversions. We knew that Google Shopping was the biggest revenue generator for the company, so we worked diligently to optimize their data feed.

The team optimized all the product data, established that all required attributes were represented, and saw that Google product categories were appropriately classified to all products within the feed. Through this, and ongoing optimization, we were able to ensure that the best-selling and most profitable products gained maximum exposure.

Visiture also worked on setting up and revising the company’s remarketing efforts. Our team worked on creating Standard Remarketing campaigns built and launched to target previous shoppers. We also optimized the company’s existing Dynamic Remarketing campaigns in order to better reach shoppers who had previously viewed products, by serving them image ads displaying those specific products.

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Increase in Total Ranked Keywords


Increase in Clicks


Increase in Conversions


Increase in Impressions



Overall, this has been a very successful campaign. Through our paid search efforts, we have increased the company’s ROAS by 555% year over year and have increased its revenue by 588%.

Our SEO services saw a 230% increase in the top 3 positions in Google and have increased organic visits by 80% year over year.

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